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“Beautiful Sunday for a Bike Ride,” Says the Most Overachieving Pregnant Lady…En Route to Give Birth

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Childbirth can be difficult even despite careful preparation, but a few rare stories paint the experience as being inexplicably blissful or even just mind-blowing. The story of New Zealand politician Julie Anne Genter absolutely belongs in that last category. The mama-to-be actually biked to the hospital for her scheduled induced labor (no joke) over the weekend. Even better, she took to social media to announce her 42-weeks-pregnant ride to the delivery.

"Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for an induction to finally have this baby," the Minister for Women writes in an Instagram post picturing her next to her electric-powered bicycle. The reason for this particular mode of transport? "My partner and I cycled because there wasn’t enough room in the car for the support crew...but it also put me in the best possible mood!"

"Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for an induction to finally have this baby." —Julie Anne Genter, New Zealand Minister for Women

Though the #bossbabe cyclist's facial expression clearly reflects that she was experiencing some level of inner pain, both the American Pregnancy Association and the Mayo Clinic approve expectant moms keeping up with their existing fitness routines, so long as they don't overdo it and get their medical provider's approval, reports ABC News. And spinning is an okayed mode of fitness (though stationary bikes are classified as more safe).

While it's unclear whether or not Genter's spin was doctor-sanctioned, it should be noted that she did wear wear hot-pink helmet for the "mostly downhill" route. According to a comment on her post, her only regret was not cycling more in anticipation of the eleventh-hour ride.

And one thing's for sure: After spinning to the hospital, parking her bike, and going straight into labor, the New Zealander can definitely check "working out" off her TDL for the day.

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