Pleasure Experts Name Their 7 Favorite Sex Toys for Giving (and Receiving) the Gift of Orgasm

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Whether you’re trying to make your partnered sex life sizzle or help your solo one reach new heights, 'tis the season to make wise investments for your orgasm before those winter walls close in. And luckily, there are some major vibrator and sexual wellness sales happening, ensuring you get the best erotic accessories and toys available.

But everyone has their own definition of "best," right? Since we support that variability in opinion, we asked pros to weigh in with their expert favorite sex toys on the market.

Below, find expert favorite sex toys that allow you to give and receive the gift of pleasure.

1. LELO Ora 3, $169

An oral sex simulator is a big win if you lack someone to go down on you (or just want to give your lock-jawed lover a break). And the LELO Ora 3 is so adored that sexologist and Bloomi founder Rebecca Alvarez Story owns it in both colors.

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"It's a luxury vibrator with 12 patterns that also provides oral sex sensations," she says. "The rotating ultra-smooth node delivers the feeling of oral sex. I also love that it's USB rechargeable and 100 percent waterproof for fun times in the bathtub or shower."

Shop Now: LELO Ora 3, $169

2. Coconu Water-Based Lube, $25

Investing in a slick-inducing personal lubricant can give you a dreamy glide and penetration that's actually O-worthy; consider pairing it with your favorite G-spot targeting toy. But since you definitely should not use your nearest jar of Trader Joe's organic coconut oil as lube, try Coconu's water-based (read: condom-compatible) lube. "This is a staple that sits on my nightstand," says Story. "It's versatile and can be used with any sex toy."

Shop Now: Coconu Water-Based Lube $25

3. Le Wand Petite, $130

This toy is perfect for those who fancy a magic wand with a serious fairy princess vibe. "I absolutely love the rose version of this one—it [looks] royal and fun to leave on the nightstand," says Story. "It's powerful and feels amazing as both a full-body massager or a sex toy."

Shop Now: Le Wand Petite, $150

4. Earthly Body Soy Candle High Tide, $16

If you hit "add to cart" on a massager, you might also want to throw in a massage candle, especially if you're someone who has an erotic love language that speaks to sensuality.

"This body-safe soy candle does the trick of ambiance, eroticization, and moisturizing, all in one," says Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for adult wellness brand and retailer Lovers. "Light it to bring up the sexual essence in the room, then pour it on your lover or directly on your hands to put on their body to relax them or stimulate them to get them in the mood. To amp it up, make a show and pour it on yourself for a lover who is visual."

Shop Now: Earthly Body Soy Candle High Tide, $16

5. Lovers Anal Pop Booty Beads, $13

Whether you're backdoor curious or a full-fledged anal-sex pro, Stewart highly recommends these beads.

"If you're a beginner wanting to rev up anal play, but want to do something different, this is your chance," she says. "Place these beads in your anus for some titillating foreplay, and if you're partnered, have your lover give you oral sex. Right when you're about to orgasm, tug on the beads and pull them out for an incredible elongated varied orgasm"

Shop Now: Lovers Anal Pop Booty Beads, $13

6. Womanizer Liberty, $99

Womanizer is a suction sex toy classic that has famous fans like Lily Allen on its side. The Liberty is the small-but-mighty collaboration with the pro-pleasure singer that's perfect for travel.

"Since I travel a lot—or used to travel, pre-COVID—I love that I can just grab my Liberty and put it in a weekend bag,"says Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and sexpert for Womanizer. "It's also really, really pretty. While I'm not one to shy away from showing off my toys, I'm careful about letting people know which toys really scream 'sex toy' and which enjoy some nuance. The Womanizer looks like a decorative piece of modern art. You could literally leave it in the living room like a sculpture, and I would bet money no one would know the difference."

Shop Now: Womanizer Liberty, $99

7. We-Vibe Moxie, $129

For socially distant paramours, We-Vibe's We-Connect App can allow you connect from afar, with a video-chat feature, should the mood strike you. But even if you're partnered or solo, the brand has something for you, too.

"My current favorite is the Moxie because it sets you up for playfulness, secrecy and sneaking around—perfect for the upcoming holiday season," says sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD, and resident sexpert for We-Vibe. "This panty-vibe is ideal for couples of all arrangements. If you’re stuck at home working together in confined spaces, playing with a toy from afar injects a sense of playfulness since you can play from separate areas of the home."

Shop Now: We-Vibe Moxie, $129

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