5 Buzzy New Products That Have the Healthy Food World Talking

Photo: Misfit Juicery

Imagine shopping at the world's biggest Whole Foods, only you get to try everything for free and the bulk of the aisles are stocked with things that aren't even available to the general public yet. Dream come true, right?  Now you have an inkling what ExpoWest, the biggest healthy food and drink conference around, is like.

With over 3,000 brands (ranging from just-launched startups to vetted, around-for-years names), the major good-for-you gathering happens every spring in LA—and each year it offers up some serious intel on the foodie finds everybody will be talking about soon.

That's why several members of Team Well+Good spent the weekend checking out all the new things that will be popping up in your grocery aisles in no time—and we've narrowed down our faves for you.

Keep reading to see 5 game-changing, health-friendly products that are about to invade supermarkets.

Photo: Caulipower

Caulipower Ready-to-Cook Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Everything about cauliflower crust pizza rocks—except how tedious it can be to make. You have to hunt down a cheese cloth, sometimes the cauliflower is too soggy—it's not an easy process. No one knows that better than Caulipower founder Gail Becker, an experienced at-home cauli-crust pizza cook. Frustrated that it wasn't in stores ready-to-buy, she solved the problem herself by launching the gluten-free, plant-powered brand. The first line of ready-to-cook pies just became available on Amazon, Whole Foods, and, soon, will be available at other major retailers. You can either buy just the crust (perfect for make-your-own parties) or one of their frozen pizza options. It just makes you think: How did this not exist before?!

Good Zebra
Photo: Good Zebra

Good Zebra Spirit Animal Crackers

Before founding this super-cool snack brand, Erika Szychowski was a busy career woman, sick of being stranded at various airports with nothing healthy to eat. She's of the sugar-is-the-devil mindset, and decided to come up with something to nosh on that was light, crunchy, and with no added sugar. The end result is Good Zebra spirit animal crackers, which come in not-just-for-kids flavors like lemon and chai. And, fun fact: The animals were designed by a tattoo artist. And they just might channel some spirit world inspiration.

Amazing Grass
Photo: Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass Elixirs

With a plant-based powder line already on the market, this brand will be launching a trio of functional elixirs—Beauty, Brain, and Belly, made with adaptogens and greens—this summer. Ashwagandha, the herb with a major stress-reducing rep, is in all three, and different mushroom varieties, like lion's mane (linked to cognitive function) and reputed immunity booster chaga, pop up in the Brain and Beauty blends, respectively. As for that good-for-your belly mixture, turmeric, holy basil, and yacon are among the power ingredients. 

Califia Farms
Photo: Califia Farms

Califia Farms Maca-'nilla Protein Almond Milk

Maca is seriously trending right now, but as everyone who has tried the adaptogen on its own knows, it doesn't taste great. By blending it with almond milk and cardamom, Califia Farms has found a delicious way to reap the energy-boosting and stress-relieving benefits maca is said to have. The grab-and-go drink (coming out within the next few weeks) also packs eight grams of protein. Oh, and there's also a maca-spresso blend coming out too, to add a jolt of java to the mix.

Misfit Juicery
Photo: Misfit Juicery

Misfit Juicery Grab-and-Go Cold-Pressed Juice 

Startup Misfit Juicery takes overlooked ugly produce (think: asymmetrical tomatoes, bruised apples, or misshaped carrots), blends 'em, and outfits them in beautiful bottles. These fruits and veggies may have trouble fitting in at the grocery store, but they have a welcome home in these cold-pressed juices, which are available now at specialty stores and cafes. And bonus: None have added sugar. "Ugly" or not, they are perfect just the way they are.

Speaking of food trends, here's what Whole Foods is excited about this year. And you've heard about the Amazon grocery store with no checkout line, right?

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