I’m Saving Money on Cold Brew This Summer So I Can Spend More on Weekend Fun—Here’s the Product That’s Helping Me Cut Down On My Coffee Shop Visits

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The daily forecast is *finally* over 50 degrees (Boston, you have some explaining to do), and there seems to be a steady hum beckoning the world out of its hibernation. Ah, the spirit of summer.

I’m very ready to embrace the sunshine and get into some seasonal shenanigans with my friends—and yet the calendar of baseball games, rooftop sips, beach trips, and book clubs comes with a price tag. So when summer calls, I answer by finding ways to get creative and rearrange my budget.

This year, instead of saying no to weekend fun, I decided to kick off the season by cutting down on one daily expense: my beloved cold brew from the cafe down the block. But before I officially said goodbye to my routine, I knew I needed to secure some backup to get me through the mornings. (I’m not exactly a functional person without coffee.)

Enter: the Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker, an easy-to-use machine that produces cups of cold brew in the same amount of time it takes to brew a mug of coffee. I placed an order and quickly did some calculations—if you snag it now (psst: it's $20 off through June 23), you’ll be officially saving money in less than two weeks.

Vinci Express Cold Brew CoffeeMaker — $60.00

Originally $80, now $60


  • Easy to use
  • Four different brew-cycle options (light, medium, bold, and extra bold)
  • Quickest way to make cold brew
  • Cleaning setting makes sanitizing a breeze


  • Makes a lot of cold brew for one person
  • Requires coarsely or medium ground beans

I’m loving the new price of my mornings—but an at-home cold-brew routine has benefits that go beyond just cost savings. Whether you’re in a committed relationship with your daily boost (it’s me, hi) or newer to the coffee game, cold brew is a solid swap for hot coffee thanks to its higher concentration of caffeine and lower level of acidity.

“Cold brew often has a higher caffeine concentration due to the longer steeping time, which can result in a more potent energy boost,” registered dietitian Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD says. That boost can “enhance alertness, concentration, and overall cognitive function for extended periods.” (How about for an entire summer of social plans?)

That’s music to my ears—but Manaker does caution that higher caffeine levels can lead to an increased heart rate, jitters, and disrupted sleep patterns. So if you’re not quite as caffeine-dependent as I am, take it slow.

As for its lower acidity levels, the milder pH level in cold brew makes it gentler on your stomach. This can help reduce gastrointestinal discomfort, Manaker says, so it’s a great option for people like me who have sensitive stomachs or are prone to acid reflux and heartburn.

Alongside the cost savings and health benefits, this cold brew maker is here to save you time. Over the years, I’ve given the 24-hour steeping technique more than a few tries—so a five-minute brew from my new machine is a happy upgrade. If you’re all about strong flavor, you can let your cup steep for up to 25 minutes.

Of the options for a light, medium, bold, or extra-bold brew, my go-to is bold. It pours a delicious flavor that’s strong enough to withstand an additive like milk—or even a dash of a protein shake when I need an extra boost. (Pro tip: Double check your ground coffee beans before buying. Finely ground beans may clog the filter—and that kind of damage isn’t covered under the 30-day warranty. For best results, opt for coarsely ground beans.)

The best thing about my new cold brew BFF? It’s incredibly user-friendly. I kept the manual close for my first few cups—but now that I've gotten the hang of it, I'm giving off major barista vibes (at least my roommates say so). And once everyone’s properly caffeinated, the machine's cleaning setting makes sanitizing a breeze—all it takes is a bit of fresh water between brews, and it handles the rest.

With every sip, I can taste the cost (and time) savings and feel myself savoring the season. More caffeine-fueled summer fun? Sign me up.

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