This New XL Overnight Pad Will Ensure You Never Have Period Sheets Again

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There can be a lot of aggravating things about having ovaries, but at the top of my list? Re-enacting the horse head scene from The Godfather on a monthly basis. The day you start menstruating is often the day you're introduced to period sheets, and though trial and error can help you dissipate stains (hydrogen peroxide, what up) it would be nice stop that problem in its tracks. In my opinion, Rael Extra Long Overnight Pads ($7 for box of six) are up to that challenge.

Rael is a health-focused company that offers products relating to dental care, skin care, and menstruation. It uses natural, sustainable, and tough-but-soft materials for its tampons, pads, and period panties. Oh, and the brand's products are generally accessible in more ways than one. First off, you can get your period products as a recurring subscription at an affordable price point, so no last minute panic trips to CVS. And secondly, Rael offers a range of sizes, with the XL Overnight Pads being the newest addition to its line-up. That matters not only when recognizing the heaviness of flow, but the importance of body inclusivity. For some, a "Large" pad could look like a laughable tissue that's going to absorb nothing.

Basically this pad could be a godsend for a lot of reasons, but particularly if you've ever had to double-up at night and pray for the best. And since I'm possibly the only staffer who wears pads (#sorrynotsorry), I decided to give it a whirl and see if they could deliver sweet dreams and clean sheets.

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I broke out the Rael XL overnight pad on the second day my period, which is pretty much when my vag becomes the River Styx and my sheets are the most endangered. However, I had a hero's journey unwrapping this pad. It looked mammoth in the promo imagery, and I had to unfold it in multiple steps. Situating it in my underwear was also a bit complex, because it spanned a great, almost majestic length—a whopping 16.9 inches across. (However, I should note that I'm a very petite person with dainty lingerie. So while this pad was a bit much for me, it might be just right for someone in a larger-sized body.)

Thankfully, the pad was ultimately more unwieldy than uncomfortable. The pad was actually pillowy soft—and dare I say it—kept me feeling really dry. This last part, for me, is a major win. Though I'm Team Pads for life, that commitment becomes laborious in the summer, when you can feel like you're sitting in a kiddie pool of your own blood. I was very much able to snooze soundly through the night, and never once had to drag myself dead-eyed to the bathroom for a 2 am change. I woke up to sheets that were properly pastel pink, without even the tiniest blood drop on them. And I still felt...kind of dry, even at the peak flow.

These pads are life-savers, or at least saves you a trip to the laundromat. Again, I do think the XL Overnight Pads are a little much for me in terms of size, but I was able to happily cruise with a Rael Large in the daytime and use the classic Overnight pad going forward.

But I do love that these exist and would happily recommend for many scenarios. Because these pads essentially have a backseat, you're never going to get that awful, bleeds-through-the-back experience that happens when tossing and turning. If you're someone who suffers from an intense, heavy flow, you will likely never have to worry about spillage. If your postpartum periods are intense, this definitely has your back (and other parts). And if you live in a larger body, then this might be what you've always needed to get through the night.

So yes, I think it's worthwhile to give the Rael suite of period products, whether you're a pad or tampon person. Your bedspread will certainly thank you.

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