This Lymphatic Drainage-Boosting Face Roller Doubles As a Piece of Art

Photo: Well+Good Creative
In between a full-time grad program, an internship, and hours of weekly freelance work, my skin has not been thriving. The end result of zero time for self care has resulted in quite visible signs of stress, and so dark circles and dullness have gotten quite comfortable on my face—which doesn't leave me holly or jolly this holiday season.

This is why the only present that I want this year is a stunning face massage tool that’s fit for an empress. I want (need, really) to be pampered, and this Kindred Black Huizache Wood and Obsidian Face Massage Tool ($95) looks like something Cleopatra herself would have kept on her vanity.

You may be thinking, “What’s the fuss? Rollers are everywhere.” I hear you, but this roller is different. Yes, lymphatic drainage is the beauty industry's hot ticket treatment these days, and I could pick up a jade roller or a gua sha stone from just about any store I walk into. But this massage tool is a piece of art.

Kindred Black's facial massager has a hand-carved handle made from gorgeous huizache wood, which makes it look like an ancient beauty relic unearthed from an archeological dig. Then there's the black obsidian stone that not only looks lavish, but is a crystal known for deep healing powers on the psyche. Sourced from Mexico and hand-crafted in a workshop "near the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacán,” according to the brand, the roller lets you massage your facial oil into your skin, drain your lymphatic system, and benefit from reduced fear, anxiety, and stress via the obsidian. This means I can treat my skin while warding it from the bad vibes that have been responsible for making it revolt in blemishes—so I'm sold.

Whether you're looking for eye candy to sit atop your dresser or an actual facial massager, this baby will work as both. I'll leave enough room for it in my stocking in case anyone's interested.

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