You Can Now Get Your Healthy Food Delivered From…Facebook?

Photo: Stocksy/Hex
Instead of updating your Facebook status about how badly you're craving a veggie-packed grain bowl, now you can just order it directly from the app instead.

According to a press release, Facebook recently launched a new service that lets you order food for pickup or delivery…straight from the platform where you ogle the photos of colorful acai bowls and drool-worthy avocado toast that your friends are sharing.

The aptly-named Order Food addition—which you can find on the mobile app or desktop browser version within the "Explore" menu—lets you search by nearby restaurants or cuisine to find something healthy (and approved by your entire social network via comments).

The social media network is working services like EatStreet,, and DoorDash to make the ordering process a little easier.

Facebook is working with popular services like EatStreet,, and DoorDash to make the ordering process a little easier. Since the social network is working to be the middleman between popular purveyors and consumers, might you soon be able to order your boxed bone broth and smoothie superfoods from Amazon via Facebook, too?

So rather than bouncing between apps to find a certain restaurant, Facebook keeps everything all in one place (including who's in your spin class and those regrettable tagged photos from 10 years ago).

Eater reported that Facebook is currently testing the same service for select restaurants on Instagram. Which makes us think two things: One, we'd really like to make sure avocado toast is covered. And two, wow, are we ever cooking for ourselves again?

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