These Swimsuits Will. Not. Fade. No Matter How Many Dips You Take This Summer

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Shopping for bathing suits is my weakness. Spending upwards of $100 on a shred of fabric so small that it only covers the bare minimum of body parts in order for me to go out in public seems ludicrous, but what can I say? I love it.

What I don't love is that after three or four dips in the pool, my so-expensive-I-refuse-to-admit-it bikinis have faded, and thanks to the chlorine, the whites turn to yellow and the yellows turn to a weird shade of puke green. I'm meticulous about rinsing and repeating after every swim, but even still, I frequently wind up feeling like I literally threw $100 down the (pool) drain.

So what's a laps-loving swimsuit connoisseur to do? Invest in chlorine-resistant swim, which will help suits hold up for longer than you'd possibly imagine. "Chlorine resistant swimsuits are made out of either Poly/Spandex or Nylon/Xtralife Lycra fabrics, while most 'regular' suits are made out of Nylon/Spandex fabrics," says Swimsuits For All design director Kristina Guilmain. "Chlorine resistant suits hold color better when exposed to chlorine-treated water. Those that are made from Xtralife Lycra also have less stretch fatigue because the stretchy yarns literally 'resist' the effects of chlorine exposure."

Since these durable suits will last well into next summer (and the one after that, and the one after that), not only will they save you (and me) money in the long run, but they're also creating less waste because you're holding onto them for longer and throwing them away. Eco-friendly and affordable? Sounds like my kinda swimsuit (or at least, the kind I'm trying to invest more in).

Photo: Flagpole

Flagpole Joellen ($405)

Flagpole's line of luxury swim was made with performance in mind, which means every piece in the collection (including the bikinis!) will stand up to all of your chlorine dreams.

Photo: Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Retreat Swimsuit ($120)

A white bathing suit that will actually stay white, no matter how many cannonballs I do? Yes, please.


Photo: Speedo

Speedo Solid Endurance + Flyback Training Swimsuit ($62)

The epitome of "sporty chic," the classic Speedo is having just as much of a moment now as it did when you were a kid. It's cool, comfortable and easy to move in—AKA all of the things that make for an A+ one-piece. Plus, hello Baywatch babe.


Photo: Jade Swim

Jade Swim All Around bandeau bikini top ($80) and Most Wanted bikini briefs ($90)

Not only is this adorable sunshine bikini resistant to chlorine, but it will also stand up against sunscreen, and even offers UPF protection (from the itty-bitty parts of you it covers, that is).


Photo: LNDR

LNDR Zip-detailed textured swimsuit ($96)

This one-piece is equally perfect for swimming laps and for lounging on a yacht in the south of France. My motto: Get you a suit that can do both.


Photo: Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All V-Neck Tank One-piece Swimsuit ($72)

Can't decide between a bikini and a one-piece? This suit has got you covered.


Photo: Lolë

Lole Tamami Bikini Top ($65) and Caribbean Bikini Bottom ($45)

Hop on this season's tie-dye trend with an option that's as easy to swim in as it is to lounge in (and pickup drinks from the poolside bar in, too).


Photo: AhaLife

AhaLife Athena One-Piece ($180)

Pretty in pink (that you can be confident will actually stay pink).

These active bathing suits will stay put no matter what tests you put them through, and here's how to style them for every post-pool event you're headed to this summer.

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