The 3 Plants That Can Give Your Skin a Boost When Fall Hits

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You know winter usually wreaks havoc on your skin (hello, majorly dry air), but as your face faces the impending cold front, is there anything you can actually do to prep your complexion in advance?

According to Rachelle Robinett, holistic health practitioner and founder of Supernatural, there is—it just requires hoarding some proverbial acorns (ahem, plant-rich skin-care essentials).

"Fall is our runway before the more severe weather of winter hits," Robinett says. "Stocking a plant-rich medicine cabinet and creating good health practices in the fall ensures we’re well prepared for winter."

"Fall is our runway before the more severe weather of winter hits."

To help you create the ultimate fall skin-care regimen (it's a whole mood), we asked Robinett to share which pre-winter plants pack the biggest benefits for the season—so you know exactly which beauty products (like Weleda's plant-rich skin-savers) to stash now.

Keep reading for 3 of her favorite skin-supporting plants for transitional weather—plus the products to add to your regimen.



Lavender isn't just for your diffuser. The purple flower is a key ingredient for fall skin care, according to Robinett.

"Amid the busyness of fall, if there’s one herb to keep on-hand, this may be it," Robinett says. "It’s a calm-creating plant, known for giving us a sense of wellbeing without being too uplifting nor sedating. Think of it as peace in plant form."

"Amid the busyness of fall, if there’s one herb to keep on-hand, [lavender] may be it."

Play up that soothing effect with Weleda's Lavender Creamy Body wash. The gentle formula adds extra hydration with sesame oil for another nourishment boost, too. Turn on a steamy shower, lather up, and feel the tranquil vibes.



Robinett cites literature to talk about rosemary's reported mindfulness powers. "In Hamlet, Ophelia says to her brother Laertes, 'There's rosemary, that's for remembrance,'" Robinett says. That's why she likes to have rosemary on hand for a mid-day pick-me-up.

"I use rosemary in essential oil form...essentially as a caffeine replacement," she says. "[I] warm it between my palms and then inhale deeply from them. It’s such an enlivening and also calming experience."

The rosemary leaf extract in Weleda's Skin Food can help give tired skin (sound like winter skin to anyone?) a dose of glow. The ultra-rich moisturizer is a universal salve for rough elbows and hands, and acts like a layer of deep hydration for your face, too.


Wild Rose

"Fall (and winter) can be ideal times to recover from sun damage that may have been done in the summer," Robinett says. "It’s still important to protect against the sun all year long, but when there’s less of it, we can go a little deeper with brightening, exfoliating, or corrective actions."

Her pick for a skin-boosting plant is wild rose, which she praises as a full-spectrum herbal remedy. "Vitamin C, which rose is high in, is commonly relied on for making skin feel smooth," she explains. "This is one ingredient I’d seek out in serums, moisturizers, and masks, especially."

Snag a moisturizing body oil that owes its silky smoothness to a bouquet of wild rose oils (plus hydrating sweet almond and jojoba oils in Weleda's Pampering Body & Beauty Oil), and head into fall with your best, most moisturized face forward.

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