50 Wellness-Inspired Activities to Check Off Your Fall Bucket List

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There's something about that first blast of crisp, fall air that instantly makes you want to throw on a knit sweater and jump into a pile of leaves. But in reality, by the time you shake off summer brain and get around to unpacking your sweaters, you end up cramming all of autumn into like a week.

To actually enjoy the season, you need a game-plan—which is why we dreamed up this list of fall bucket list ideas (with a wellness spin, of course). Whether it's wandering through a corn maze pretending not to be lost with your friends, or plopping down on your couch for a scary movie marathon with a bowl of Smartfood® Smart50™ air-popped, 100 percent whole grain popcorn at 50 calories per cup or less, fall is prime time for prioritizing fun.

What are you waiting for? Snow is right around the corner, so throw on that oversized sweater, pour yourself some cider and popcorn, and start crossing off these 50 wellness bucket list items.

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