The Best Fall Equinox Ritual To Practice, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Even if your back-to-school days are behind you, there's just something about September that ushers in an energy of a fresh (and cozy) start. Astrologically speaking, this new beginning energy is credited to the autumnal equinox, the official first day of fall, happening on September 22. And since every sign is different, learning the best fall equinox ritual for your zodiac sign can help you maximize the energy to its highest potential.

According to astrologer Alice Inoue, the fall equinox is all about endings and beginnings, and astrologer Juliana Rose Teal adds that balance is a big theme, too. "As we encounter longer days of darkness, we are encouraged to go inwards and ask ourselves 'What do we need to let go of to achieve more balance in our lives?" Teal says. "The equinox is about slowing down and facing the darkness—the parts of us that need healing that we try and suppress inside of us—so that we reach equilibrium."

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  • Alice Inoue, Alice Inoue is an astrologer, life coach, and life-growth coach based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Juliana Rose Teal, astrologer and intuitive

To maximize this balancing energy, Inoue says adopting certain rituals can help. Ahead, Inoue and Teal recommend the best fall equinox ritual for your zodiac sign.

The best fall equinox ritual for your zodiac sign, according to astrologers

Aries: Slow your pace

As a natural cardinal energy, Inoue says Aries is all about jumping into things without first thinking them through. For the fall equinox, balancing that energy by slowing down and setting strong intentions for the season would be beneficial. "Whether it's your moment-to-moment movement or the pace of your thoughts, make it a point to move slower in all aspects of life," Inoue says. "Taking time to smell the roses will help you live in the present."

Taurus: Ground yourself

Earth signs like Taurus will find spending time outside in nature very nourishing. Doing so, Inoue says, will set up Taurus to manifest what they want in this next cycle to avoid feeling stuck. Other grounding rituals she recommends include walking around barefoot outside, practicing gentle yoga stretches to decompress and bond with the body, and eating "light foods to counter the heaviness Taurus tends to feel when change is needed."

Gemini: Focus on one thing

"As a Gemini, both movement of the mind and movement of the body is important, but it's also important to balance your movement with a singular focus," Inoue says. Your singular focus can be connecting with one person, immersing yourself in a creative craft project, or pouring your heart out into a gratitude journal, which Inoue says is a perfect way for Gemini to house all wandering thoughts in one place.

Cancer: Let emotions flow

"To achieve more balance, Cancers need to get in touch with, understand, and release emotions," Teal says. For this reason, she recommends creating a ritual on the day of the equinox that includes surrounding yourself with pictures of loved ones to create a sense of comfort and safety and releasing any emotions onto the pages of a journal. "Cry if you need to, or yell and scream to release frustrations and anger," she says. "As you do this, you will feel lighter and better able to support others and yourself."

Leo: Reflect on the past and present

"As a Leo, you are not only stubborn, but you are made to shine, always emanating your form of sunshine," Inoue says. "As a fixed sign, you tend to hold tight to ideas and ideals, yet life is constantly changing, and you need flexible thinking and actions to thrive. Reflection will bring you to center, giving you new fuel and inspiration." In particular, Inoue recommends reflecting on what you want to invest your energy into in the coming season. What will provide the most joy?

Virgo: Make a mess

Virgo loves order and cleanliness. While this is often a good thing, Teal says understanding that nothing and no one is perfect is an important lesson for this sign to learn. To honor the equinox energies of balance, she recommends having a fall equinox ritual that centers around letting go of perfectionism. You can invite a small group of friends and work on a fun art project together or cook a healthy meal, for instance. No matter the activity, the important thing, Teal says, is that you allow yourself to make a mess and have fun with it.

Libra: Take a balance inventory

"As a Libra moving into Libra season with this fall equinox, what's important more than any other sign is the need for true balance," Inoue says. "Balance in the present, as well as balance in all areas of life." Because of this, she suggests making time on the fall equinox to take inventory of what areas of your life require more balance, where there's an uneven exchange of energy (i.e., relationships), and getting clear on your needs, as well.

Scorpio: Shine a light on your shadows

"It's easy to get caught in the underbelly of life and, as a result, have thoughts that take you away from your power," Inoue says of Scorpios. "Anything you can do to bring the dark to light during this time will really help to center you." For instance, she suggests journaling about your shadows, which are the aspects of yourself that you don't like or are afraid to express. Inoue says that allowing yourself to look at these shadows helps with practicing self-acceptance and evolving into your power.

Sagittarius: Hang with spiritual buddies

Sagittarians are truth seekers, Teal says. However, often they can get caught up with their version of the truth and believe their views are correct while others' are wrong. This sign must recognize that there are many paths to truth. So, a great fall equinox ritual Teal suggests for Sagittarius is spending time with people who have spiritual or religious beliefs that are different from their current beliefs to help them expand their minds and learn.

Capricorn: Enjoy some playtime

Capricorns are hard workers, Teal says, but that drive often comes from the fear of being without. "Working on this fear will create a sense of balance in your life, helping you not to work so hard and to add more playtime to your days," she says. So for the fall equinox, Teal recommends incorporating more playtime, whether that's having a game night, watching a funny movie, or doing something else that's fun and not work-related.

Aquarius: Tune into your body

Teal says Aquarius has a bright, forward-thinking mind, so much so that they often spend a lot of time in their heads, forgetting about their body. Since the autumnal equinox is all about teaching us how to cultivate balance, Teal encourages Aquarius to spend time connecting with their body, whether that's by being in nature, through meditation and deep breathing, or simply being fully present and engaging the senses. "Look at the beauty around you," Teal says. "Listen to the birds. Smell the autumn leaves. Feel the wind, sun, or rain on your skin."

Pisces: Do a day-long mindfulness ritual

"You are a very empathetic and sensitive soul," Teal says of Pisces. And, sometimes these sensitivities may feel overwhelming. To cultivate balance, Teal suggests making your fall equinox ritual a day-long mindfulness experience. "Turn your attention to the here and now," she says. "Spend time being present to every small detail of the day." That may look slightly different for every Pisces but can include unplugging from your phone, being mindful of the food you're eating and preparing, or expressing emotions through poetry, dance, or music.

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