This Fall Equinox Brings Rebalancing Energy—Especially for These 4 Zodiac Signs

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Kicking off the coziest season of the year, the fall equinox, which arrives on September 22, also turns down the energetic dial: It marks the official end of summer’s long days and the shift from get-it-done Virgo season to fair-and-balanced Libra season. “Astrologically, the fall equinox is…the day of equal light and dark, staying true to the natural harmonious nature of Libra,” says astrologer Corina Crysler. This seasonal shift begins a time marked by the desire to self-reflect and find more balance in life, especially for the four zodiac signs most influenced by the astrology of the fall equinox.

As the day “emphasizes the duality of light and dark,” we may begin to turn inward and “focus our attention on nesting and rest,” says astrologer Courtney O’Reilly. The equinox also brings the harvest season, she adds, during which we are encouraged to practice gratitude for the abundance of nature we enjoyed in spring and summer—and similarly consider the metaphorical fruits of our internal labor. “This is a time to recall the seeds you may have planted during the spring equinox representing your desires and goals, and review how they materialized in your life,” says Crysler.

“This is a time to recall the seeds you may have planted during the spring equinox representing your desires and goals, and review how they materialized in your life.” —Corina Crysler, astrologer

That looking-back energy is particularly potent this year, given the alignment of the fall equinox with Mercury retrograde in Libra. “This may be a powerful day to better understand our personal evolution toward self-sufficiency and self-discovery,” says Crysler. It’s possible that certain consequences, good or bad, of the actions you’ve taken (or failed to take) earlier this year could also come to fruition during this harvest season, says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides.

In any case, as you reflect on the past year, know that the fall can still be a time of shifting your direction, too, so you can forge ahead in greater alignment. “Now is the time to think about balance, weighing what’s important, what’s not, and where we want to invest our energy as we close out the rest of the year and the long winter to follow,” says Marmanides.

Though the levelheaded Libras will really feel this shift toward rebalancing, there are also three other zodiac signs that can expect to experience the fall equinox most intensely. Below, astrologers share the particular vibe each of these signs can anticipate from this cosmic reset, and how to make the most of it.

The 4 zodiac signs most likely to feel the effects of the fall equinox


Directly opposite Libra on the zodiac wheel, you’re bound to feel this shift into Libra season as a result of its polarity to your chart. In particular, the fall equinox activates your seventh house of partnerships, making it a good time to review and reassess the role of relationships in your life—which is a classic Libran theme, too. “This may be a time of taking back your independence,” says Crysler, “or calling back the pieces of yourself that you may have given to others.”

Generally, Libra’s quest for balance is between the influence of outer and inner worlds, Crysler adds, or being able to “stop seeking external validation and start stepping into personal sovereignty.” And that’s what you’ll be tasked with doing during this equinox, too, Aries. “Others may desire your passion and fire, but now is the time to call back this energy for yourself in order to allow shifts to materialize in your relationships and in your life,” says Crysler.


As a fellow cardinal sign to Libra, you similarly vibe with the initiatory energy of a new season. And as an emotions-driven water sign, you’re bound to sense the seasonal shift of the fall equinox more deeply than others, says Crysler.

For you, embracing the balanced energy of Libra season looks like understanding what you’re carrying that’s truly yours versus what burden you might be carrying for others. “What are you holding onto that’s creating needless suffering or keeping you in fear of moving forward?” Crysler suggests asking yourself.

Given that Libra is also a cerebral air sign, you can tap into that logic-focused energy to do some self-analysis, Crysler adds. “Look for the roots of any emotions that are keeping you from taking action in your life,” she says. “This is a potent time to heal and release what isn’t yours to hold onto anymore.”


Similar to Aries, you’ll experience the energy of the fall equinox for the way it runs counter to your sign; in your case, your planetary ruler, the sun, entering Libra is what creates a sense of tense opposition. Whereas Venus-ruled Libra is all about balance, justice, and relational energy, your sun-ruled sign is all about “centering one’s own needs, prioritizing one’s self, and self-expression,” says Marmanides. As a result, the sun “traditionally struggles in Libra,” she says, “and the start of Libra season—with the fall equinox—could leave you floundering a bit or feeling like your voice isn’t being heard.”

The result? You may feel yourself withdrawing from the things you love or “self-extinguishing your own light,” says Marmanides. In order to better navigate this energy, she suggests focusing on how you might continue to be direct about your needs and center your self-care, while also “respecting other people’s autonomy with diplomacy.”


Perhaps unsurprisingly, you’ll really feel the effects of the fall equinox, as it kicks off your season. “Libras are cast into the spotlight, as the energy activates their first house of self and personhood—their core identity,” says Marmanides.

This is a big opportunity for you to remind yourself of your own personal desires and priorities, as opposed to focusing on how to please others in your sphere, as you’re wont to do, says Crysler. “Consider reflecting on how pleasing others may have created suffering and repression of your own needs and ideas,” she says, “and how the projections of others, like your parents, may have influenced the way you’ve pursued your goals thus far.”

When Venus, your planetary ruler, shifts into your sign on September 29, you’ll feel an even greater push to center your personal self-expression. “Think about how you might use the rest of the year to recommit to yourself, while still honoring your inclination to caretake others,” says Marmanides.

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