The Fall Equinox Ushers in a Quiet Season of Reflection and Balance—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s finally time, dear readers, to pull out your fluffiest sweater, pour the spiced apple cider, and plan your pumpkin-picking outing because fall is officially here. Kicking off the coziest season of the year, the fall equinox, which arrives on September 23, also turns down the energetic dial, cosmically speaking: It marks the shift from get-it-done Virgo season to fair-and-balanced Libra season, granting all the zodiac signs an opportunity to reflect and recenter.

The movement of the sun into Libra on the day of the fall equinox puts a particular emphasis on finding balance in all facets of life. “Libra has a special connection with justice and harmony, and so on the autumn equinox, we're really encouraged to think about how to live harmoniously with all other people and creatures on Earth,” says astrologer Laura Campagna.

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When is the fall equinox in 2023?

This year, the fall equinox falls on September 23 in the Northern Hemisphere, which coincides with the beginning of Libra season.

What exactly is the fall equinox?

The root of the word “equinox” is the same as “equal” for a reason: The equinox is the day in the spring and in the fall when the sun is located directly above the equator, and the number of daylight hours is equal to the number of nighttime hours. On a symbolic level, each equinox also brings a moment of balance between the sun and the moon, which equally share the sky, says Campagna.

In the fall, this point of balance reflects the shift from the predominantly sun-focused season of summer to the darker moon-focused season of fall, with each following day growing shorter and each night longer until the winter solstice on December 21.

Thus, the vibe change of the fall equinox will push all the zodiac signs to downshift into nesting mode. “It’s an invitation to get a little bit more quiet and be a little bit more internal,” says astrologer and tarot reader Megan Skinner, co-host of the So Divine! podcast.

"The fall equinox is an invitation to get a little bit more quiet and be a little bit more internal."—Megan Skinner, astrologer

The fall equinox also traditionally heralds the harvest season, making it a time to practice gratitude for the abundance in your life—whether literal or metaphorical. “When we lived in a more agricultural society, in the fall, we would really have our hands on all of the abundance that we had created from planting and sowing in the spring and summer,” says Campagna. “In modern times, the fall is really an opportunity to reflect on everything that has manifested for us since spring.”

What can we expect from the fall equinox in 2023?

This year’s fall equinox comes in the midst of a planetary retrograde surge. As it arrives, five planets will be stationed retrograde: Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter.

Because these are all outer planets (aka generational planets), the effect will be that of a collective—rather than personal—slowdown, as the cosmos encourages us to rethink the broader systems that govern our society and relationships with one another. Translation: It’s a time for major introspection.

Indeed, Skinner recommends matching your vibe to the slower, cozier rhythm of fall. “It’s this deeper kind of quieter time, so it’s really lovely to work with that energy,” she says. That means avoiding packing your calendar full of commitments, and finding a semblance of work-life balance to keep your stress levels at bay while allowing time for self-reflection.

As you look inward, it’s possible that certain consequences, good or bad, of the actions you’ve taken (or failed to take) earlier this year could make themselves known, says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. To that end, know that the fall can still be a time for shifting directions and taking action, so you can forge ahead in greater alignment. “Now is the time to think about balance, weighing what’s important, what’s not, and where we want to invest our energy as we close out the rest of the year and the long winter to follow,” says Marmanides.

Which zodiac signs will feel the fall equinox most acutely?

Though the levelheaded Libras will really feel this shift toward rebalancing, there are also three other zodiac signs that can expect to feel the shift of the fall equinox quite intensely: Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer. Aside from Libra, these are the three other signs that have the cardinal modality, meaning they each kick off a new season, with Aries starting spring, Capricorn beginning winter, and Cancer launching summer.

“[With the fall equinox], we're being initiated into a new time of the year, and the cardinal signs all share that [initiatory energy],” says Campagna. “They'll each get a nudge to do something, or they'll be shown something that they won't be able to look away from.”

Beyond these signs, however, each of the zodiac signs can expect to feel the arrival of the fall equinox in a unique way, based on which astrological house the sun in Libra occupies in their chart. To get a sense of what the fall equinox will bring for you and how to make the most of it, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Here’s how this fall equinox may affect each zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

The fall equinox gives you an opportunity to examine if all is right and balanced within your relationships, Aries, as the sun in Libra occupies your seventh house of partnerships.

Given your ruling planet Mars, the planet of conflict, is also in Libra over the next few weeks, you might be feeling some tension or misalignment in your partnerships. But by really leaning into Libra’s diplomatic energy, you’ll have the chance to restore order. “There's an encouragement to compromise and to find that fulcrum or that sweet spot with the people that you are in partnership with,” says Campagna.


Where are your daily routines fulfilling, and where are they lacking, Taurus? The fall equinox lands in your sixth house of everyday rituals, which Skinner says gives you the chance to figure out how best to organize your life as you ease into this quieter season. “It’s a wonderful time to really look at your health regimen, and ask if you need to make a shift,” she says.

Perhaps you need to adjust your sleep schedule to accommodate a busier social calendar, or maybe you notice you’ve been working through lunch and neglecting your nourishment as a result. This period of downshifting is your time to turn a critical eye toward your daily schedule—and put in place some routines that are better supportive of your wellness.


This fall is all about tapping into your joy, Gemini, because your fifth house of creativity and pleasure is in the sun’s sights. The equinox is a prime day to light a fall candle and settle in for some journaling or movie-watching, or head to a pottery class and get your hands dirty making a new mug for fall drinks.

That said, there’s also a serious undertone for you to consider this fall, as Saturn in Pisces continues to move through your 10th house of work and career. “You’re really being encouraged to step into greater leadership roles professionally,” says Campagna. To balance work and play, you may find you have to rearrange your schedule a bit or rejigger your home duties this season.


The word that comes to Skinner’s mind for you this fall equinox is “retreat,” Cancer. Your fourth house of family is at play here, and you’re called to nest and cozy up—which is likely exactly how you’d prefer to welcome this season, anyway. “It’s a time to really hunker in, nurture yourself, and give yourself permission to put on ‘do not disturb’ mode,” says Skinner.


Venus retrograde this past summer really put you through the ringer, Leo, and luckily, relief is here. You’re feeling freer to love and be loved, and as the sun in Libra highlights your third house of communication, you have a fresh chance to consider how you’re being perceived by others, too.

“It’s a really good time to look at whether you want to change your style of communication and how you’re expressing yourself,” says Skinner. You might consider journaling to get your thoughts out or organize how you’d like to say something to someone important in your life.


Your second house of money and security is in the sun’s spotlight, Virgo. Now that your birthday season is over, it’s time to get your finances in check.

Think about whether you’ve been going to extremes at either end of the financial spectrum, whether splashing the cash with abandon or denying yourself any expenditures in the name of frugality. Skinner’s advice? In either case, consider what you can do to bring some equilibrium to your financial equation.


The autumnal equinox kicks off your season, Libra, which means it’s your time to shine. The sun occupies your first house of the self, encouraging you to lean into your most Libran energy and seek balance in all things, says Campagna. Relationships may be especially on your mind this fall, with plans filling up your social calendar—meaning it’s also key to pencil in some alone time, so you don’t deplete your social battery from the outset.

In the name of striving for balance, the fall equinox is also a great time to let go of what no longer serves you. “Libras often need to advocate for themselves and put themselves first,” says Campagna of your tendency to skew too diplomatic. She recommends thinking about how your conciliatory nature may have let others infringe on your boundaries, and making adjustments to protect them this fall.


The sun is shining on your 12th house of the subconscious mind this fall, Scorpio. As Skinner says, “this is your time to go within,” as you’re naturally wont to do. The fall equinox, in particular, is an ideal moment for embracing spirituality and rituals as a means to align with your inner world. Analyzing messages and images from your dreams (perhaps via writing in a dream journal) is another way you might work with the energy of this moment, adds Skinner.


There’s no question that you’re a social butterfly year-round, Sagittarius, but this fall equinox asks you to turn your focus to your friendships in particular. Your 11th house of friends and community is in the sun’s spotlight, making the moment ripe for social activities.

“You have a reputation for doing what you want to do and blazing your own trail, but you’re really encouraged to pay attention to relationships at work, at home, and with friends,” says Campagna of the fall energy. Organize that movie night, host that virtual work happy hour, or schedule that weekend trip with the friends you’ve been missing.


The fall equinox throws your career into stark relief, Capricorn, as the sun shines upon your 10th house of work and reputation. This is a house with which you’re very comfortable, as the classic workaholic of the zodiac—but according to Skinner, you could still be in for some major revelations.

“Equinoxes have that energy of really stimulating change, so I’d suggest thinking about anything you want to change around your identity and work,” says Skinner. Perhaps how much of your identity you associate with work?


How can you expand your mind, Aquarius? The sun in Libra is activating your ninth house of higher learning, travel, and adventure, says Skinner—all of which tend to resonate with you.

The prospect of a slower, softer time is ideal for you to hole up with a book on your favorite topic. If you’re feeling a bit more social, consider taking a class or workshop that gets you out of your house, or even planning a fall getaway.


The fall equinox is a time of transformation for you, Pisces. The sun shining in your eighth house of sex, shared finances, and debts encourages you to unpack the behavioral patterns that could be holding you back from growth in these areas.

This process could be deeply emotional, says Skinner, and you might find yourself feeling extra reactionary as a result. Finding ways to tend to your mental health and incorporate more ease and peace into your life will serve you especially well this season, she says.

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