Why You Need an Energy Reset This Fall (and How to Do It)

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The switch from summer to fall means taking off your OOO, folding up your white pants, and getting back to the grind. Whether you're aligning it with September's new moon or the post-Labor Day calendar flip, you'll need a mentality shift to be your most productive self (instead of pining over frosé happy hours).

The key is finding an energy reset, which energy medicine healer Bridget Ambrose says is actually a naturally occurring transition during the change in seasons (and explains why you start craving cozy sweaters and all-things pumpkin as soon as the weather gets a little cooler).

"Though the sun may still be warming, we can feel in our bones that there is a shift occurring, signaling a movement inwards," Ambrose says.

"Self care is so important during times of transition."

To support your mental and physical health during that move, Ambrose advocates lavishing on the self care. "Self care is so important during times of transition," says Ambrose, whose personal self care includes getting massages, reading tarot, and practicing Pilates. "Giving yourself permission to rest, allowing movement, and giving thanks goes a long way to increase self love and replenish your spirits."

A main player in a self-care reset? Giving your skin the attention it needs to carry you through this season (and prep for winter) by gathering plant-rich skin elixirs—like Weleda's botanical cleansers, moisturizers, and oils designed to nourish skin and reset your mind with essential oils and flower-sourced ingredients.

To help get you set for fall, Ambrose is dishing instructions on everything you need for a new moon-inspired self-care ritual that you can do in your own sacred space (AKA your snug studio apartment).

Keep reading for the 4 simple steps to a seamless energy reset this fall.

weleda moon rituals

Step 1: Spend time journaling

Whether you're listing out your intentions for the season, setting killer goals for your day job, or just jotting down an encouraging quote, taking the time to sit with your thoughts is important for executing your energy reset.

"We all have a vast inner sanctuary, which when accessed keeps us aligned with our soul's purpose," Ambrose says. "For me, meditation and journaling is my favorite way to access that space and set intentions....It can be empowering to even state your intention out loud by using clear powerful language such as 'I will,' or 'I am.'"

Step 2: Take a restorative cleanse

While you bliss out with quiet time, don't forget to incorporate your skin into your fall reset regimen. "This is the perfect time of year to give your skin the attention it needs," Ambrose says.

Ambrose embraces a weekly skin-care ritual of dry brushing head-to-toe that helps her look (and feel) vibrant, and follows her circulation-stimulating practice with a hydrating milk-and-honey bath infused with a rose-quartz crystal for extra relaxation.

Baths not your thing? Turn your shower into a stress-relieving sanctuary instead. Lather up with Weleda Lavender Creamy Body Wash for calming aromatherapy vibes, and cleanse your face with Sensitive Care Cleansing Lotion, made with the gently nourishing combo of sweet almond and mild plum kernel oil (that closely mimics your skin's natural oils). Finish out the ritual with the velvety jojoba seed oil and soothing witch hazel in the Hydrating Day Cream. Hello, spa-like glowno appointment needed.

Weleda moon ritual

Step 3: Give your skin some TLC

After your peaceful cleanse, seal in the whole-body nourishment with a rich body oil (like Weleda's Hydrating Body & Beauty Oil with Sea Buckthorn ), and moisturize your complexion with the all-star Sensitive Care Calming Oil that packs sweet almond oil and blackthorn blossom for a plant-rich defense against the elements.

"All of which result in feeling better on the inside as well as having smoother, nourished skin on the outside," Ambrose says.

And if you don't have time for a full soak in the tub, just add a hydrating mask to your usual routine. "Making time to sit and have some tea while the mask works its magic is a simple way to pause and notice the way things can shift when we create more space and intention," she says.

Step 4: Go woo woo with a simple moon ceremony

If you want to go all out on harnessing your energy reset (and cover off on taking care of your mind, body, and spirit), set up an in-home moon ceremony to cap your self-care ritual. The important thing is to focus on that feeling of transition.

"[A ceremony is] really just the container or practice you create for your inner wisdom and guidance to express itself," she says. "The idea is to make and hold space for realigning your ideas, words, and actions."

To create a physical sacred space, Ambrose suggests gathering items that symbolize your intentions. Her go-to's are candles, calming herbs, quartz crystals, a Tibetan singing bowl, a refreshing a mist or spray, and incense like palo santo, sage, or copal resin. (But it can also be as simple as turning a two-minute hand massage using Weleda's Hydrating Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn into a mini self-care ritual.)

After smudging her space (which also represents transformation) she meditates on her desires and intentions. "Following that, I light a candle pause and practice presence," she says. "I close the ritual in gratitude, misting myself with the spray, followed with three deep breaths honoring my past, present, and future." Sink into the cosmic vibes.

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