Seasonal Supplementing Is a Thing—Here’s What To Try This Fall, Based on Your Wellness Concerns

Take a quick mental inventory of your supplement situation. If it's the exact same lineup for months (maybe years) on end, that's great that you're giving your body the extra support—but your body's needs can change with the seasons, too.

For some intel on how to keep our supplement routines optimized, we asked Erin Barrett, PhD nutritional biochemistry, director of product innovation and scientific affairs at Shaklee (the company whose founder literally invented the multivitamin in the United States—so they know their stuff) for her fall supplement recommendations, starting with the signs to look out for that your regimen might need updating.

"Fatigue or low energy is one of the most common complaints that people have," Dr. Barrett says. "And it’s one that can often be addressed by simply filling potential nutritional gaps [with] a high potency multivitamin for example, or a B-complex."

If that sounds like you, her recommendation is to start by going the personalized route: Shaklee Meology™ does all the work for you (all you have to do is take a simple-yet-thorough assessment) by determining the nutrients and supplements you need to build a strong nutrition foundation, and then packages your lineup in easy-to-take packs. It can also recommend supplements to help address targeted concerns like low energy, daily stress or sleeping troubles.

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  • Erin Barrett, PhD, director of product innovation and scientific affairs at Shaklee Corporation

Want to really level-up your lineup? Below, Dr. Barrett is sharing her top fall supplement recommendations that you could add on to your Meology results, covering five different wellness concerns from low energy to skin support.

Keep reading for Dr. Barrett's fall supplement recommendations, depending on your wellness goal.

fall supplement recommendations

Life Shake, $49

At the top of Dr. Barrett's list of fall supplement recommendations? Protein, to help keep you energized and satiated as you move through the back-to-the-grind season. “Fall can be a very busy and high-stress time, especially for young families with kids back in school, and gearing up for holidays,” Dr. Barrett says.

With 20 grams of protein, six grams of fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals, Shaklee Life Shake is seriously delicious (it comes in flavors like french vanilla, rich chocolate, and even pumpkin spice for extra fall vibes), and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Plus, it's easy to shake up and take on the go—so you can have the nutritious fuel to keep your energy up while you run errands or commute home.

fall supplement recommendations: collagen

Collagen-9, $30

The transition to colder weather can be hard on your skin (thanks to cold, dry air), which is why Dr. Barrett recommends adding collagen to your supplement routine to support healthy, radiant skin from the inside out.

Giving your skin that extra boost this fall can translate into a year-round skin-support routine, which is especially important as we age when the body's ability to make collagen begins to decline, Dr. Barrett says. "As a result, we may experience collagen loss which can lead to some common signs of aging, including stiff joints, sagging skin, brittle nails, lackluster hair, and wrinkles,” Dr. Barrett says. “Collagen-9 supports healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints* by providing the necessary building blocks to support collagen synthesis, including all nine essential amino acids and vitamin C. Plus it contains biotin, too."

fall supplement recommendations

Triple Defense Boost, $40

Fall is the season of apple picking, pumpkin patches, and cozy sweaters, but it's also the beginning of cold and flu season—which means giving your immune system extra support is always a good idea (especially with kiddos back in school and more people heading back into the office).

Dr. Barrett recommends upping your intake of vitamins C, D, and zinc, as well as adding in antioxidant-rich compounds like elderberry, quercetin, and echinacea—and you can find all of those ingredients in Shaklee's Triple Defense Boost, an immunity drink mix.

“Triple Defense Boost is a high-potency product that provides triple the immune support with a powerful, comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals, plant-based adaptogens, and more,” Dr. Barrett says. With immune support from the full recommended daily values of vitamin C (1000 milligrams) and vitamin D (2000 IU), plus zinc (two milligrams), immune-boosting botanicals—yeast beta-glucan, reishi mushrooms, and panax ginseng—and immune-defending antioxidants, it takes a three-pronged approach to powering your immune system in one tasty drink.

dream serene supplement

Dream Serene, $21 

When the days feel shorter (shoutout daylight savings time) and your schedule feels packed, getting enough sleep can seem like a luxury. To help your sleep goals (and in turn, your energy levels during the day), Dr. Barrett recommends a few sleep-supporting ingredients: melatonin, valerian, and lemon balm.

"[Dream Serene] contains melatonin, clinically shown to help you fall asleep faster, [as well as] a proprietary, patent-pending blend of valerian and lemon balm to help you stay asleep,*" Dr. Barrett says. "A recent clinical trial showed that when taken together, valerian and lemon balm actually act help you stay asleep."


Vita-D3, $12

Speaking of shorter days, that lack of sunshine time can take a toll on your health during the fall and winter months, since your body isn't able to absorb as much natural vitamin D from the sun.

“We’re getting less sun, so increasing your vitamin D intake can be a good idea for your immune function as well as your bones,” says Dr. Barrett. In addition to scheduling a walk on your lunch break, keeping Shaklee's Vita-D3 (which delivers a whopping 250 percent of your daily value of vitamin D) on your desk can help you remember to support your immune, bone, and heart health daily.

Whether you add one or all of the above to your lineup, Dr. Barrett says to remember that you're doing your body a favor by giving it extra support where it needs it. "According to our recent survey, 67 percent of millennials believe that they get enough vitamins and other nutrients through their diet alone," she says.** "In actuality, for most people, this is not accurate. Many Americans are not reaching micronutrient intake requirements from food alone, presumably from eating an energy-rich, nutrient-poor diet." And giving your body what it needs—during the fall and all year long—is what wellness is all about.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Data from a controlled survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Shaklee from August 11 to August 16, 2021, with a panel of 2,000 Americans 22-39.

Top photo: Getty Images/Moyo Studio

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