16 Moody Tie-Dye Pieces To Keep the Trend Going Into Fall

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Tie-dye is the print of 2020. Bright, vibrant tie-dye reigned during the spring and summer, when we thought that this dystopian nightmare was going to get better soon—or, at the very least, that it wasn't going to get any worse. But now it's fall, things are more uncertain than ever, and the print of the year needs to convey a little more ennui.

Like, tie-dye for moping. Tie-dye for when you're simultaneously more okay and less okay than your self-deprecating humor suggests. Tie-dye for reading Elizabeth Wurtzel and drinking black coffee after 4 p.m. Basically, tie-dye for fall is the sartorial equivalent of listening to sad songs that make you cry, but at the same time make you feel better. Kind of like telling yourself 2020 will be over soon. Shop moody tie-dye pieces below.

1. n:Philanthropy Salida Jogger, $188

n Philanthropy Tie Dye Joggers
Photo: n:Philanthropy

The model is wearing heels, which seems a touch aggressive for the "moping on my couch" that I'm going to do in these joggers. I'm thinking more of a mismatched sock situation, plus a heavy pour of wine and my Boy Smells Slow Burn candle ($39). Perfect.

Shop now: n:Philanthropy Salida Jogger, $188

2. Come Back As A Flower Oatmeal Long Sleeve, $150

Come Back As a Flower Tie Dye Shirt
Photo: Bandier

Shop Now: Come Back As A Flower Oatmeal Long Sleeve, $150

A recycled cotton, sustainably-made, biodegradable, extremely cute top.

3. Emu Australia Tie-Dye Mayberry Slipper, $70

Emu Australia Tie Dye Slippers
Photo: Free People

"Affirmations guy" I met on Hinge, if you're reading this, I'm taking your advice and doing something my inner child wants to do—namely, buying these fuzzy fall tie-dye slippers simply because they're fluffy and pretty.

Shop now: Emu Australia Tie-Dye Mayberry Slipper, $70

4. Richer Poorer Women's Cable Knit Socks, $14

RIcher Poorer Tie Dye Socks
Photo: Richer Poorer

Me to $14-worth of groceries: "I'm on a budget, do I really need to spend an extra 50 cents on Brussels sprouts that are already shaved?"

Me to these $14 socks: "I cannot exist without you."

Buy Now: Richer Poorer Women's Cable Knit Socks, $14

5. Misa Shay Tie-Dye Sweater, $295

Misa Tie Dye Sweater
Photo: Misa

This is the kind of cozy tie-dye you wear while working on your novel, but the elevated prose you're aiming for just ends up sounding like a string of rejected Co-Star notifications.

Shop Now: Misa Shay Tie-Dye Sweater, $295

6. Zella Tie-Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt, $65

Zella Tie Dye Sweatshirt
Photo: Nordstrom

Fall tie-dye for people who last felt excitement when My Chemical Romance announced they were doing a reunion tour.

Shop Now: Zella Tie-Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt, $65

7. Cotton Citizen Face Mask, $28

Cotton Citizen Tie Dye Face Mask
Photo: Revolve

This mask manages to convey a sense of whimsical nihilism that facial expressions alone could not.

Shop Now: Cotton Citizen Face Mask, $28

8. Merrell Alpine Tie-Dye Sneaker, $110

Merrell Tie Dye Sneakers
Photo: Merrell

These fall tie-dye suede sneakers give my afternoon walk outfits the melodramatic touch that they've been missing.

Shop Now: Merrell Alpine Tie-Dye Sneaker, $110

9. Daily Paper Green Tie-Dye Reflare Pants, $98

Daily Paper Tie-Dye Pants
Photo: Daily Paper

There's a scene in the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher (an amazing film that everyone should watch about a guy and the octopus he befriends) where the octopus hides from a shark in some kelp. In the metaphor I'm going for I am the octopus, these pants are the kelp, and 2020 is the shark.

Shop Now: Daily Paper Green Tie-Dye Reflare Pants, $98

10. Onzie High Rise Legging, $78

Onzie Tie Dye Leggings
Photo: Onzie

Yes, these leggings are great for yoga. They also are great for my new favorite pastime, which is eating dairy-free ice cream straight from the container while scrolling through the Notorious RBG Tumblr.

Shop Now: Onzie High Rise Legging, $78

11. Retrofete Auris Dress, $291 (originally $415)

Retrofete Tie Dye Dress
Photo: Shopbop

A slinky, moody number that people who had their sexual awakening to David Bowie in Labyrinth (read: me) will love.

Shop Now: Retrofete Auris Dress, $291 (originally $415)

12. Hedley&Bennet Tie-Dye Apron, $95

Tie Dye Apron
Photo: Hedley&Bennet

Wear this while you make these gut-healthy vegan caramels and FaceTime your sister to discuss the latest Harry Styles news.

Shop now: Hedley&Bennet Tie-Dye Apron, $98

13. Wild Fable Women's Long Sleeve Waffle T-Shirt, $15

Wild Fable Tie Dye Shirt
Photo: Target

This long-sleeve pullover is perfect for those days where you wake up and your mood can best be described as "Eeyore" (so, like, every day).

Shop Now: Wild Fable Women's Long Sleeve Waffle T-Shirt, $15

14. Zoey Reva Monday Blues Set, $75

Zoey Reva Tie Dye Set
Photo: Zoey Reva

A hand-dyed set to wear while sipping apple cider and embroidering the custom pet pillowcases you recently started selling on Etsy.

Shop Now: Zoey Reva Monday Blues Set, $75

15. Current Air Shadow Tie-Dye Ruched Mini Skirt, $98

Current Air Tie Dye Skirt
Photo: Current Air

In normal times I would wear this with a cropped sweater and over-the-knee boots for a night out, but this year I shall wear it to dramatically pace around my apartment while a "songs to cry to" playlist melancholily wafts from my speaker.

Shop Now: Current Air Shadow Tie-Dye Ruched Mini Skirt, $98

16. Isa Noy Mini Gold Opal Necklace, $850

Isa Noy Opal Necklace
Photo: Isa Noy

For an unexpected take on the tie-dye trend, try this dainty opal necklace from Caribbean designer Isabel Herrero's fine jewelry line.

Shop Now: Isa Noy Mini Gold Opal Necklace, $850

17. Kacey Musgraves Lonely Weekend Tie-Dye Kit + Tee, $35

Kacey Musgraves Tie Dye Kit
Photo: Kacey Musgraves

The song Lonely Weekend has never felt more relevant to this single lady than during this pandemic. And even though I am skeptical about the message on this shirt (will things actually be alright?), I do love a good art project and the chance to pretend for a fleeting moment that I'm an optimist.

Shop Now: Kacey Musgraves Lonely Weekend Tie-Dye Kit + Tee, $35

18. Lele Sadoughi Mini Slim Banded Hoop Earrings, $98

Lele Sadoughi Tie Dye Earrings
Photo: Lele Sadoughi

A lifetime of reading articles about how to transition a blazer from work to date-night has taught me that accessories can completely change your entire look. So when your coworkers start to look concerned because you've shown up to Zoom meetings in the same comfy onesie for the past week, simply pop on these earrings. Voila! Whole new outfit.

Shop Now: Lele Sadoughi Mini Slim Banded Hoop Earrings, $98

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