12 Yoga Essentials You Need to Reset Your Grounding Practice for Fall

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Ramping up your productivity after a season when your biggest challenge was getting through your beach-reads list can feel as impossible as nailing crane pose on your first try (my knees go where?).

But in reality, that's actually exactly where you should start: That is, on a yoga mat. Whether it's been a while since your last downward-facing dog or you've never attempted one before, the practice can help ground you to the present and refocus on what's important—which, in turn, can help you shift back into goal-crushing mode at the office, at home, or wherever your everyday grind finds you.

And for further proof that there's no better time to reintroduce yourself to hip openers and (attempt) headstands, September is officially National Yoga Month. More good news? Wherever you are on your yoga journey, Kohl's will meet you there.

From the wardrobe you need to pull it off—preferably in moody fall hues equipped to handle windy days once the weather (allegedly) cools down—to stirrup leggings, hoodies, and cool yoga mats, Kohl's is your wallet-friendly yoga go-to. Need a gym bag or a balancing block too? No problem.

Get all the staples you need to start flowing from the ultimate yoga brand, Gaiam, available at Kohl's. The best part? The mix-and-match style combos are equally equipped for stretching it out at the studio as they are for running errands after your Saturday-morning vinyasa sesh. Om-azing.

Shop our fave selects at Kohl's for National Yoga Month below.

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