Want To Get Your Whole Family Involved in Wellness This Year? These Essentials Can Help

When you're busy juggling work, kids, chores, etc, it's hard enough to prioritize your own well-being routine, let alone feeling like you need to manage the wellness decisions of everyone else in your family, too.

Take it from Lizzy Mathis, mother of three and CEO of The Cool Mom Co.: You don't have to take on wellness for the whole family—if you stock up on the right essentials that will help empower them to make healthy decisions for themselves.

This new year, Mathis is getting her whole family involved in making healthy choices (so all that pressure doesn't fall on mom), and she's sharing her family-friendly wellness tips on how to make it happen.

It all starts with setting up your home—and specifically your kitchen—to make good-for-you options easy and accessible, because Mathis is the first to admit: "Healthy routines can get boring or feel like too much work." That's why she uses products from Walmart to stock her kitchen with well-being-supporting essentials.

A few of her top tips? Setting up a smoothie station, teaching kids how to make DIY healthy snacks, and ensuring you have user-friendly appliances. To learn what other creative wellness tips Mathis has to offer, you'll have to watch the video.

Watch the video above for more family-friendly wellness tips to help you share your healthy lifestyle with your whole fam.

Want more wellness-boosting essentials and inspo? Check out Walmart's New Year Shop for everything you need to power your wellness goals this year.

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