I Wore Katie Holmes’ Favorite Under-$100 Leggings, and My Butt Has Never Looked Juicier

Photo: Getty Images/ Michael Loccisano / Staff
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Katie Holmes has great taste. She's always wowing us with her style, like the time she wore an Everlane '80s-style blazer and convinced us all we needed the exact same one. Or the time she wore a fleece hoodie that was basically a blanket in fashion-form? Yeah. We added that to our carts, too.

More recently, the Dawson's Creek actress was spotted wearing Fanka's rump-raising leggings: the Body Sculpt 7/8 Leggings ($80). If I didn't already own them myself, I would have run out to get myself a pair after seeing her rock them; known for their super-sculpting design and booty-lifting contours, these compressive tights make your butt look good—really good. As a happy owner of a pair myself, I can confirm they'll make you feel as hot as they look, no but(t)s about it.

Fanka, Body Sculpt 7/8 Reversible Leggings — $80.00

Available sizes: XS-XXL in four different lengths, including shorts

Materials: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane

Colors: 17


  • Highly compressive, sculpting, and lifting
  • Comfortable and confidence-boosting
  • Reversible
  • Moisture-wicking
  • 30-day free trial with a 100 percent money-back guarantee


  • Not the most sustainable materials

For the uninitiated, Fanka dubs itself as a "fabricnology" brand that sells activewear designed to "make ladies feel comfortable, convenient, versatile, and shine in every moment," per its website. Using premium performance materials, many of Fanka's designs sculpt, lift, and compress for a "shapewear, but athletic" fit and feel. Its Body Sculpt Leggings have particularly gained a reputation for their second-skin feel, strategic contouring panels, and booty-lifting powers that boost wearers' moods well beyond the gym.

Katie Holmes wears fanka leggings
Photo: W+G creative x Michael Simon

Why I love 'em

Folks, get ready to have your confidence lifted as high as your derriere. I feel absolutely juicy wearing these leggings, despite my bum candidly being on the flatter side. Even my boyfriend noticed and promptly called me a "sexy baboon" while I was wearing them. (I think that's a compliment?!)

The velvety, contouring panels on these leggings are masterful at enhancing your curves and giving your booty that gravity-defying lift we all dream about. I particularly like that the panels run all the way from ankle to tush rather than just around the tush alone; it's more subtle this way, designed to look more like thoughtful detailing as opposed to just booty-raising bands.

author testing Fanka leggings
Photo: Author

But it's not just about appearances—comfort is key, and the Fanka Leggings hit the mark here, too. The four-way stretch ensures that you have the freedom to move without any awkward restrictions, and the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you feeling fresh even during the most intense workouts. No more tugging or readjusting mid-burpee or squat; these leggings stay put, allowing you to focus on pushing your limits. I'm particularly fond of the high-rise "tummy control" band and—while I don't think anyone needs to control their tummies—do appreciate how smooth, sculpted, and covered I feel. It's another confidence-boosting feature that'll make you feel like a zillion bucks while they're on.

Lest we forget the best part: they're reversible! With their reversible design, you're basically getting two stylish options for the price of one. It's like having a whole new pair of leggings whenever you flip them inside out. (Perfect for my fellow klutzes who inevitably spill coffee or squirt toothpaste on themselves when they're getting ready in the morning.) So, whether you're feeling bold with the sculpting pattern or more subdued with a solid color sans stripes, the Fanka Body Sculpt Leggings have got your back(side).

Can confirm: Katie Holmes's lifting leggings will instantly boost your confidence the moment you slip 'em on. Currently, they're available in a rainbow of colors (17 to be exact) and four different lengths: the 7/8 (which Holmes wears), the Full Length ($85), 9-Inch Biker Shorts ($65), and 6-Inch Biker Shorts ($65). At under $100 a pop, it's worth getting your butt in a pair or two.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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