9 Self-Care Father’s Day Gifts for Guys (That You’ll Want to Snag Yourself)

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Father’s Day presents an all-day opportunity to show the dudes in your life—AKA the ultimate teller of dad jokes or better half who always knows the right thing to say when you have a mini stress freak out—how much you care.

But if you've already covered coffee-of-the-month memberships and new running shoes a few too many times, there's a better way to get the message across: By providing his own personal self-care arsenal. Even better? You can make it happen without compromising on what's on the back label.

Oars + Alps, the nontoxic skin-care line engineered specifically with guys in mind, taps natural ingredients like activated charcoal, juniper berries, and shea butter. From a face-cleansing stick he can use to swipe and go to a soothing under-eye roller, the entire line has developed a cult following for its insanely fresh smell (seriously, just check out the reviews). Only thing is, you might end up stealing some yourself.

Scroll down for 9 self-care essentials any guy needs for a skin-care starter kit.

 Oars + Alps Solid Face Wash

1. Face Wash, $18

Any fitness buff will be so obsessed with this solid face wash (just swipe it on! no gym-bag spills!), that it will become an instant fave. After you see the skin-clearing stick at work—thanks to activated charcoal and antioxidant-rich moss—you'll likely want to covertly stash one in your tote, too.

Oars + Alps Eye Stick

2. Wake Up Eye Stick, $21

Puffy morning eyes happen to everyone—and he deserves a wake-up call for his skin-care routine, too. This cooling rollerball application feels downright luxurious, with caffeine to reduce puffiness and Persian silk tree extract to fight fine lines and dark circles. Plus, it serves as an instant pick-me-up after a business lunch or road trip (and means he'll be ready for every selfie you want to take).

Oars + Alps Face + Eye Cream

3. Face + Eye Cream, $22

If using real skin-care products freaks him out (but secretly intrigues him), gift him this two-in-one moisturizer plus eye cream for the total youth-boosting package, filled with aloe and jojoba oil. The hydrating formula is free of artificial fragrance and phthalates, and goes on with a non-greasy finish.

Oars + Alps Blue Charcoal Bar

4. Blue Charcoal Exfoliating Oars Bar, $14

Congested skin his issue? Then this body-buffing bar will be his new go-to with charcoal, blue algae, and volcanic sand to remove dead skin-cells and impurities. Also on that list? Acne-causing bacteria, so he can bid farewell to backne, too—all with a super invigorating scent.

Oars + Alps Cleaning Wipes

5. Cooling + Cleansing Wipes, $16

Help him keep cool (and keep his skin clear) on long commutes and sweaty workouts with these convenient packs. Perfect for tossing in a bag on hikes or gym trips, they're powered by a mix of natural ingredients like ginseng root and energizing menthol. Just consider it a self-care shortcut.

Oars + Alps Deodorant

6. Active Armor Natural Deodorant, $14

Once your S.O. swipes on this natural deodorant (made without aluminum, which is found in most drugstore antiperspirants), he'll be instantly more hug-worthy. Just thank the blend of of cedarwood, lime, and greenery for the can't-get-enough-of-it scent.

 Oars + Alps White Soap

7. Moisturizing Alps Bar, $12

For any guy who hates slathering on lotion, this bar soap is the route to instant hydration. While he showers, juniper berries gently exfoliate while Amazonian clay helps to detoxify. Lastly, larch tree extract seals in moisture for a total clean dream team.

Citrus Beard Oil

8. Beard Oil: Hydrating Citrus Grove or Cedarwood Forest, $22

If Movember turned into a year-round facial-hair situation for the guy in your life, make sure he's actually grooming it properly with this one-step, beard-beautifying oil. This citrus blend taps essential oils including grapeseed, jojoba, and rosehip to soften and condition course hair and dry skin (and it also comes in a fresh cedarwood scent).

Oars + Alps lip balm kit

9. Shine-Free Lip Balm Kit, $10 for 2

Ever let him borrow your lip balm and then never seen it again? (Probably about a million times.) This minty-fresh version will be the one he finally wants to hang onto himself, with vitamin E and coconut oil providing a moisture surge without extra shine. Snag him a kit with two, just in case.

In partnership with Oars + Alps

Top photo: Stocksy/Kristen Curette Hines

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