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Thoughtful (and Most Importantly, Practical) Father’s Day Gifts the Dad in Your Life Wants, but Isn’t Gonna Ask For

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Since I was 15, it was just my dad and me—so Father's Day is an important holiday in my calendar. Even so, every time this holiday comes, I always struggle to find the perfect gift to express my gratitude and appreciation. Sure, socks and underwear are pretty standard, but I like to go for the deep cuts and find something that's practical, personal and great for my dad to enjoy. Luckily, thanks to the internet, there are so many interesting (and non-boring) options up for grabs to make dad happy—especially ones in the wellness space that are functional, practical, and will make him feel good.

That said, we've narrowed down a few of the best picks from the internet to gift Dad.

Best Father's Day gifts

Putt a bout putting green
PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green — $38.00

If Dad can’t make it to his favorite golf course, help him feel right back at the club with this 3 feet by 9 feet putting green. It has everything he needs to practice getting the perfect birdie, including three hole pockets and real sand cutouts to catch all his bogey shots. Plus, there’s even a slight incline at the bottom to mimic the rolling greens of a regular course to make a hole-in-one even more challenging.

Tom Ford cologne
Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau — $163.00

Any time I’m out of ideas on what to give my dad, I always default to cologne. And this one from Tom Ford instantly makes an impression as soon as you get a whiff. (Trust me—or if not, trust my dad, he’ll tell you.). A mix of earthy tones with notes of rare oud wood, sandalwood, and Chinese pepper, this cologne is sure to give Dad a debonair musk for hours.

Sensate 2 — $249.00

If Dad needs help being more present with the fam, the Sensate 2 is here to the rescue. It’s a small device that you place on your chest that helps reduce stress by emitting low-frequency vibrations that pulsate in your sternum. These vibrations then stimulate the vagus nerve in your nervous system—which controls things like your digestion, immune response, mood, and heart rate—and signals it to relax. And it does this pretty well, too.

I tested it over the last several weeks and was pleasantly surprised at what just five minutes a day can do. I don’t meditate often, but you don’t have to be a regular to use this. You can stop the device at any time, and even switch up the vibration intensity for a more powerful session. All in all, the device is super straightforward and tech-friendly. Just download the app and you’re good to go. And in just 10 minutes, Dad can go from stressed out to calm and collected. The app has preset 10-30 minute sessions and calming soundscapes mixed in to support your mediative journey.

Yeti water bottle
Yeti Rambler 26-OZ Bottle — $40.00

If Dad is the outdoorsy type who spends his time road tripping or out on the nearest hiking trail, this Yeti Rambler bottle will definitely come in handy. At 26 ounces, it holds just the right amount of liquid to keep you hydrated throughout the day. The bottle is made with stainless steel and is shatter-resistant for superb durability. Plus, the double-wall insulation to keep drinks icy cool and piping hot.

Adidas Club quarter zip sweatshirt
Adidas Quarter Zip Sweatshirt — $75.00

The best part of this Adidas Quarter Zip Sweatshirt is its versatility. It’s one of those styles you can wear to the golf course, or to someone’s BBQ party. The polyester fabric makes it super lightweight, yet warm to wear on those chillier 60-degree summer nights.

Johnny Cash
Sonic Editions Prints - Johnny Cash At The Savoy Hotel — $499.00

Need a center art piece? Sonic Editions is a goldmine for really cool photography to add to your home. They feature hundreds of iconic prints of the world’s most popular stars from years past to today. This includes legendary images of stars like Johnny Cash, Paul Newman, Muhammad Ali and more modern celebs like Michael Jordan, Nicolas Cage, and Joaquin Phoenix. And if you love movies and all things pop culture, you’re also in luck. There are dozens of classic moments from film, art, sports and fashion you can take a peek at, too. (Prices start at $139.)

aesop grooming kit
AESOP Athlete Grooming Kit — $145.00

Aesop may be known for their high-end line of hand soaps, but their shampoos and body washes can also make you feel like you just stepped out of a forest. This grooming set contains the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, the Parsley Seed Antioxidant Hydrator, and Classic Shampoo. Think of these as the everyday essentials Dad can take with him on-the-go anywhere.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 8-Piece Knife Block Set
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 8-Piece Knife Block Set — $280.00

Originally $390, now $280

Made in Germany, these Zwilling J.A. Henckel knives are designed to cut through anything they touch. They’re specifically designed for durability and precision to help make meal prep a breeze. The set includes all the basics for prepping a meal, including: one 4-inch paring knife, one 5-inch serrated utility knife, one 5 1/2-inch prep knife knife, one 8-inch bread knife, one 8-inch chef’s knife, one 9-inch honing steel, one 10-inch slot birch storage block, and kitchen shears.

Rains Weekender Bag
Rains Weekender Bag — $95.00

If Dad needs a place to store his new shoes or toiletries for his next trip, this Rains Weekender Bag will do the trick. One center compartment and a matte finish is really what makes this bag a minimalist’s dream. It also is 100 percent waterproof and has webbed handles to help carry heavier loads.

Theragun Prime
Theragun Prime — $299.00

These days, you can’t say recovery without mentioning a Theragun device. The brand really helped make percussive therapy (aka massage therapy that targets muscle and tissue soreness) accessible to the masses. So, if Dad is struggling with some tension around his knees or lower back, this Theragun Prime is the perfect gift to help ease his discomfort. The device features five speeds to really help loosen up those stubborn knots and cramps.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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