The 20 CBD Products Well+Good Editors Can’t Get Enough of Right Now

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Graphic: W+G Creative
August 8 is National CBD Day, and while some (read: most) invented holidays are extremely silly, I contend that this one actually warrants celebration. After all, the benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol—the non-psychoactive compound extracted from cannabis and hemp—include easing symptoms of anxiety, treating certain skin conditions, relieving physical pain, and more.

That said, since so many products now contain CBD, determining what's what when it comes to buying with quality, efficacy, and simple enjoyability in mind can be difficult. Fortunately, team Well+Good has already handled the legwork of research. Below, find the editorial team's 20 favorite CBD products, categorized by purpose.

Below find team Well+Good's favorite CBD products available right now.

Category: Calm

1. Mello Sea Salted CBD Caramels

Photo: Mello

Shop now: Mello Sea Salted CBD Caramels, $50

"These caramels are just next level. If I had three items to take to a deserted island with me, this little box of gooey heaven would be one of them."

— Erin Bunch, Freelance Writer

2. Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

lord jones cbd gumdrops
Photo: Lord Jones

Shop now: Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops, $50

"These hemp-derived CBD gumdrops are so luxurious—everything about them feels decadent. IMO, these little trays are the new box of chocolates, aka the perfect no-occasion-necessary gift. And P.S. I am very excited about Lord Jones' upcoming Kristen Bell collab."

— Allie Flinn, Freelance Writer 

3. Floramye Bliss Bath Set

Photo: Floramye

Shop now: Floramye Bliss Bath Set, $70

"This beautiful set comes in a reusable box, and I've been loving the bath bombs in here. Made with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, they smell real, real good and help alleviate the stress of a long day. The best part is that each one coordinates to a chakra and features a stone that reveals itself as the bomb dissolves, for a little keepsake to give good vibes."

Samantha Leal, Managing Editor 

4. Plant People Drops+ Mind + Body

Plant People

Shop now: Plant People Drops+ Mind + Body, $70

"I've been at a heightened level of anxiety since mid-March, and I feel like these drops help me level set back to my baseline anxiety. It's not exactly a stress-free state, but it's better than feeling like the world is ending 24/7. For someone with a naturally calmer disposition than mine, I wouldn't be shocked if these drops could eliminate nerves altogether."

— Erin Bunch, Freelance Writer 

5. Healist Calm Chews

Photo: Healist

Shop now: Healist Calm Chews, $85

"This CBD brand is my jam, and each of the company's formulations focuses on a particular aspect of life, aka calm, sleep, relief, and well-being. All I know is that after a couple drops or a couple of gummies, I'm having a meditative moment."

— Samantha Leal, Managing Editor

6. Feals 1200 mg CBD extract + MCT oil

Image: Feals

Shop now: Feals 1200 mg CBD extract + MCT oil, $135

"I’ve tried a number of CBD tinctures, but my all-time favorite is Feals. All that’s in it is full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil, the latter of which makes the cannabinoids more bioavailable. Whenever I do take it, I notice a difference in my stress levels and the quality of my sleep."

Rachel Lapidos, Beauty & Fitness Editor 

Category: Body care

7. PureKana CBD Muscle Menthol Roll-On


Photo: Purekana

Shop now: PureKana CBD Muscle Menthol Roll-On, $80

"Nothing makes me not want to exercise (or move) ever again quite like sore muscles. And while OTC pain relievers can help, sometimes you need immediate relief, which is why I really like this CBD-laced roll-on lotion. It’s expensive but you can feel it working right away, and thanks to the menthol it doesn’t smell weed-y like some other CBD lotions. It's great for when you overdo it on a run or just have super sore shoulders after a long day sitting in front of a computer."

— Jessie Van Amburg, Senior Food & Health Editor 

8. True Botanicals Calming CBD Body Oil

Photo: True Botanicals

Shop now: True Botanicals Calming CBD Body Oil, $75

"Slathering this CBD-spiked oil all over my limbs and décolletage feels like a warm, moisturizing hug. The scent of jasmine and rosemary essential oils along with the CBD make it a body oil with truly relaxing powers."

— Rachel Lapidos, Beauty & Fitness Editor 

9. Prima's Skin Therapy Body Butter

prima body butter
Photo: Prima

Shop now: Prima's Skin Therapy Body Butter, $38

"Prima's Skin Therapy body butter has saved my dry, flaky skin, which has been getting a lot of sun exposure lately. Its lush texture and soft floral scent feel totally luxurious—not something that can be said for a lot of hemp-infused beauty products."

— Erin Magner, Freelance Editor 

10. Mineral Health Maison Recovery Salve

mineral maison CBD
Photo: Mineral

Shop now: Mineral Health Maison Recovery Salve, $70

"I've tried a lot of CBD topicals that claim to be able to soothe sore muscles, but Mineral's Maison Recovery Salve is one of the few that actually delivers. It's my go-to after a long day spent working from the couch."

— Erin Magner, Freelance Editor 

11. TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm

Photo: TheraOne

Shop now: TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm, $65

"I have a stress fracture in my foot, and this really helps ease the strain I feel after a long day of walking—since that's all I seem to do these days."

— Ella Dove, Director of Creative Development

Category: Skin care

12. Tribe Tokes CBD Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Super Serum

Photo: Tribe Tokes

Shop now: Tribe Tokes CBD Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Super Serum, $90

"Peak pandemic I was freaking out, and my skin freaked out with me. I became totally blotchy and felt like some skittish, anxious creature. Pairing CBD with vitamin C helped me regain my glow and bring my stress levels down a tick."

— Mary Grace Garis, Lifestyle Writer  

13. Flora + Bast Age Adapting Facial Serum

Photo: Flora + Bast

Shop now: Flora + Bast Age Adapting Facial Serum, $77

"Sometimes, when I’m really lazy and just can’t even with my usual multi-step nighttime skin-care routine, I just pat this oil onto my cleansed face and still wake up with healthy-looking skin. The product's texture is light but hydrating. One thing to note, however, is that even though it doesn’t contain any THC, it does smell pretty strongly like weed at first."

— Allie Flinn, Freelance Writer 

14. Her Highness CBD Facial "Highly Beautified"

Photo: Her Highness

Shop now: Her Highness CBD Facial "Highly Beautified", $70

"I'm super into Her Highness as a brand, but my current favorite CBD product from the line is the facial oil. If I'm having a rough day and my skin needs replenishing, this oil plus a facial roller is my go-to."

— Mary Grace Garis, Lifestyle Writer 

15. Ami Wellness Soothe Body & Face Oil

Photo: Ami Wellness

Shop now: Ami Wellness Soothe Body & Face Oil, $79 

"I love the level of detail that's gone into the formulating of this brand's herbal remedies—their period and libido products are amazing—but Soothe oil is my favorite CBD product from Ami. I have super-sensitive skin that is constantly inflamed, and this gentle oil helps to both hydrate and calm."

—Erin Bunch, Freelance Writer

Category: Sleep

16. Sagely Naturals Drift and Dream Capsules

Photo: Sagely Naturals

Shop now: Sagely Naturals Drift and Dream Capsules, $50

"I am not someone who would ever be described as 'calm' or 'having the ability to self-regulate my anxiety.' So, unsurprisingly, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night. In addition to CBD, these pills also contain other soothing ingredients, like melatonin, GABA, and lemon balm."

— Allie Flinn, Freelance Writer 

17. Winged Sleepy CBD Gummies

Photo: Winged

Shop now: Winged Sleepy CBD Gummies, $35

"I am a notorious insomniac, and literally nothing works to get me to sleep unless it is doctor-prescribed or contains THC—except for these gummies! They are yummy and actually help to induce zzz's that don't feel haunted by vivid dreams. Plus, the Winged line is specially formulated for women, and uses high-quality CBD, which meets a rigorous set of standards and yet the price point is reasonable. I am hooked."

— Erin Bunch, Freelance Writer 

Category: Menstrual-pain relief

18. Love Always Liz Period Relief

Photo: Love Always Liz

Shop now: Love Always Liz Period Relief, $124

"I love this period relief kit by Love Always Liz. All the CBD from this brand is sourced from pesticide- and GMO-free Colorado-grown hemp, and I can tell you, it is legit. The kit comes with a CBD tincture and a roll-on, which I apply right to my tummy and back. The roll-on smells like lavender, which is really soothing, too!"

— Emily Laurence, Senior Food Writer 

Category: Intimacy

19. Foria Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD


foria awaken cbd
Photo: Foria

Shop now: Foria Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, $48

"I've been a fan of Foria since the company's inception, as I love me a company focused on women's pleasure—and now they do period-pain-relief products, too. This oil helps to increase blood flow to key body parts in order to make good things feel even better, and/or to make sex more comfortable generally."

— Erin Bunch, Freelance Writer 

Category: Pets

20. Also Organics CBD Tincture Pets


Photo: Also

Shop now: Also Organics CBD Tincture Pets, $50

"I am fostering the sweetest, most adorable bull terrier, but he can also be an anxious terror. Between the two of us, there’s a lot of chaotic energy in my tiny apartment. I like Also Organics’ tincture for myself, so when I decided my little dude could benefit from some CBD to help him chill out, I went with the brand's pet tincture."

— Allie Flinn, Freelance Writer

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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