14 Podcasts the Well+Good Team Is Obsessed With Right Now

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Podcasts are the best part of all your different sources of entertainment (movies, books, talk shows, etc.) rolled into one super digestible format. Unlike its book or TV brethren, you can go for a run, meal-prep, or grocery shop while listening to your faves dish on pop culture happenings or their areas of expertise, but unlike an article, you're not left trying to mentally re-create the perfect RuPaul laugh.

These days, it seems like everyone and their extremely talkative friend has a podcast—and these are the ones Well+Good team listens to while getting stuff done.

See the Well+Good team's podcast recommendations below.

From the Heart, Girlboss, All the Books! and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

"Rachel Brathen’s [AKA Yoga Girl'sFrom the Heart podcast is great. I also love Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso and All the Books! by Book Riot. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is awesome for the Harry Potter nerd. I listen on all my walks and while I’m cooking usually!"

—Kells McPhillips, intern

Pop Culture Happy Hour

"Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR! It digests the latest TV shows, movies, and music moments in pop culture—and they somehow always manage to put into words what I'm thinking myself!"

—Hannah Weintraub, social media associate

Of a Kind and Song Exploder

"They’re two ladies that live in Brooklyn and they started Of a Kind as a way to help give exposure to artists and designers just coming out on the scene. They have great design aesthetic and a silly podcast where they talk about their favorite things and have great natural beauty options on their site. Another one is Song Exploder—each episode the host chooses a different song and artist to interview and they basically break apart the song and talk about how the song came together."

—Abby Maker, graphic designer

Raw Talk and Women, Work, and Worth

"I'm a total podcast nerd, and two of my favorites are Raw Talk with Sheena and Women, Work, and Worth by Mavenly + Co. (shameless plug, I used to produce the show). Raw Talk is hosted by Sheena Mannina (yes, that's her real name), who owns this amazing juice bar and wellness space in New Orleans. Stars like Emma Roberts and Stassi Schroder love her juice, and she is so funny and just an amazing person. Mavenly's podcast features tons of badass professional women and the host, Kate Gremillion, talks about career and professional topics in the most real and relatable way. It's the perfect Monday morning boost."

Mercey Livingston, editorial assistant

This American Life and Invisibilia

"I know this is super nerdy, but I love to listen to This American Life and Invisibilia at the gym. The stories suck me in and distract me from the countdown clock on the elliptical."

—Abbey Stone, senior editor

RuPaul’s What’s the Tee?, 2 Dope Queens, and The Love Bomb with Nico Tortorella

"There’s so much good advice in every single episode of RuPaul’s What’s the Tee? with Michelle Visage—about being yourself, being a survivor, and being true to whatever makes you feel alive and excited and sparkly in your guts. With 2 Dope Queens, it's truth in advertising—so dope (yeah, it’s as funny as everyone says). Basically, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are pure rays of delightful sunshine who will make you laugh, hard. There’s no way you can be in a bad mood after listening to a J&P conversaysh (as Phoebe would say). And The Love Bomb with Nico Tortorella shows that there's a lot more to Josh from Younger than his tattooed Williamsburg alter ego. In a series of conversations with "humans he loves"—starting with his partner, rockstar trainer Bethany Meyers—the bisexual actor gets super philosophical about our ideas around healthy sexuality and love."

—Erin Hanafy, executive editor

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