Think You Could You Pass the Fbi’s Fitness Test? Here’s How to Find Out

Photo: Getty Images/Cavan Images
If your job description involves taking down terrorists, bank robbers, and other criminals, a certain level of physical fitness is definitely required. Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have to be ready to spring into action without warning. And passing the FBI fitness test is no easy task.

As it happens, the FBI is looking to hire 1,000 special agents, so if you're looking for an exciting career change, now's your chance. Besides a four-year degree and two years of work experience, applicants must prove their ability to meet certain physical standards. And that means passing a physical fitness test.

Here's exactly what the FBI fitness test involves, according to the bureau's website:

  • Sit-ups: Maximum number of continuous sit-ups in one minute.
  • Sprint: Timed 300-meter sprint.
  • Push-ups: Maximum number of continuous push-ups (untimed).
  • Run: Timed 1.5-mile run.
  • Pull-ups: Maximum number of continuous pull-ups.

Oh, and you have less than five minutes of rest time between each event. It's like that physical fitness test you had to do in elementary school gym class, but way more intense. "A passing score requires a cumulative 12 points, with at least one point in each event," reads the list of requirements.

The test blends cardio with upper-body strength and core workouts and you can train yourself like a special agent with the FBI fitness test app, even if the only life you have to protect belongs to your cat.

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