Born on Leap Day? Here’s What Astrology Says About Your *Extra-Special* February 29 Birthday

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If you’re a Pisces (born between February 19 and March 20), you’ve probably been told that you’re a hopeless romantic or that you have a tendency to get lost in the clouds of your own wild imagination. The sign is perhaps best known for its visionary, even mystical powers—so it only feels right that its zodiac season includes an elusive leap day, making an appearance once every four years on February 29. But just because the date isn’t always on the calendar doesn’t mean leap-day babies are excluded from the Piscean magic.

Just the opposite, in fact. Having a rare February 29 birthday puts your solar return—the astrological term for a birthday—squarely within Pisces season, says astrologer Lauren Ash. (After all, both the dates February 28 and March 1 fall near the center of Pisces season.)

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And in terms of astrology, rest assured: Your birthday still happens every year, since the sun still returns each year to the same degree of Pisces where it was located when you were born. “That means no matter what day it is on the calendar, the sun will cross over your natal sun at some point during your birthday season,” says Ash.

When should a February 29 Pisces celebrate their birthday?

If you were born on February 29, the sun will pass through the same spot of the sky it was in when you were born each year at some point between the dates of February 28 and March 1 (or on February 29, in a leap year).

But if you’re trying to figure out which date falls closer to your exact solar return in a non-leap year, astrologer Erin River Sunday suggests you take it up with astrology software and run your birth date and time in a natal chart generator like this one. “Notice the exact degree of the sun in your birth chart,” she says, referring to the particular point of Pisces the sun was located in on your birth day. From there, you can search when the sun will return to that same degree of Pisces each year (whether on February 28 or March 1), and celebrate your birthday then, she says.

What it means for your personality if you were born on February 29

According to Ash, Pisceans born on February 29 resonate a rare blend of cosmic energy, making them especially supernatural. “These people are often granted special intuitive or psychic powers beyond what most Pisces [have],” says Ash. “They have a natural draw toward the healing and mystical arts—and can be deeply artistic and creative people as well.”

“[People born on February 29] have a natural draw toward the healing and mystical arts—and can be deeply artistic and creative people as well.” —Lauren Ash, astrologer

Generally speaking, Pisces is one of three water signs, which tend to be emotionally in tune and intuitively aware. While Pisces checks these boxes, being the 12th and final sign in the zodiac means they also rule everything unseen, like the subconscious, secrets, and spirituality.

In this vein, you can think of those born on February 29 as being especially mysterious and otherworldly since they are not only Pisces, but also, their birthday is only “visible” once every four years. “For [leap day] people, there are often several hidden gifts within their birth chart that take years to unpack as they learn to connect with their purpose,” explains Ash.

Pisces is also ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, inspiration, and ideals. Their tendency to romanticize every stranger they meet? Yeah, that’s the work of their planetary ruler. In a less positive light, Neptune also rules the realms of projections, confusion, and illusion, which is why Pisces people may wax poetic or have trouble being forthcoming about their emotions at first. They lean into the hidden realms of secrets and mystery, so it’s par for the course for Pisces people—especially those born on elusive leap day—to be hard to crack.

Beyond their distinct individuality, a February 29 Pisces may also have a youthful spirit, says Sunday, who claims that numerology (the study of numbers beyond their mathematical value) speaks to their childlike wonder. The number 29 can also be interpreted in numerology by adding up its digits: They sum to 11, a numerological “master number” connected to spiritual wisdom and supernatural power. This makes these Pisces “highly intuitive,” says Sunday, “and more likely to experience otherworldly events more frequently and easily than others.”

February 29 Pisces strengths

They’re highly diplomatic

Compassionate Pisces zodiac signs are experts at considering all sides of a situation. “Due to their special connection with the meta-cosmos, these people know how to see a situation from all sides and offer objective advice,” says Ash. It’s a huge strength of theirs to be the mediator when it comes to conflict, but ultimately, it’s their ability to show empathy regardless of the circumstance that shines.

They’re sensitive

When your birthday is only recognized every four years on the calendar, it shapes the way you show up in the world. As Ash explains: “Being born during a rare numerology portal directly connects these people with the delicate balance of the universe—and they emulate that in all their decisions.”

They’re creative

Being ruled by Neptune gives those born on February 29 (and all Pisces zodiac signs) an especially creative lens on the world, allowing them to see beyond the limits of their environment. “Anyone born on February 29 should find a creative outlet or passion that helps them channel their vivid imagination,” says Ash. “They find power in making things from scratch or with their hands.”

February 29 Pisces weaknesses

They’re often highly introverted

Since Pisces is associated with the 12th astrological house of secrets and the subconscious, those who are born on February 29 may feel as if they live on the fringes of society. This can draw them inward to a point of contention, says Ash. “Because these folks have such a rare birthday and energy, it can be hard for them to feel like other people understand them.” As a result, they can be closed off, and it can take a lot of probing and prying for them to open up.

They’re moody

Water signs are naturally emotionally sensitive, “and people born on this special celestial date tend to be moodier than most,” explains Ash. Their mutable modality makes them especially prone to switch-ups in their feelings, which can lead to conflict and confusion.

Their minds can wander (a little too much)

It makes sense for someone born on February 29 to feel left out from the crowd or from mainstream interests since they often don’t celebrate their birthday on the calendar date when they were born. “They can feel disconnected from their identity, leaving them to wander and search for a sense of purpose outside of themselves,” Ash explains.

February 29 zodiac sign in work and career

When it comes to career, February 29 Pisces zodiac signs do best in environments where they can express their nurturing and compassionate nature (think: social work, civil service, or mental health advocacy). “These Pisces need to be in a profession where they’re helping people,” says Sunday. “Their soul’s journey is especially important to them in this lifetime, so it’s unlikely they’ll be satisfied doing anything that doesn’t feel purposeful.”

Those Pisces born on February 29 also tend to do well in a creative field given their Neptunian influence, which supplies them with an artistic edge. If they can merge both social service and art, they’ll find fulfillment in their work. “It’s common to find these folks working in fields related to spirituality, the occult, or other healing arts,” explains Ash.

February 29 zodiac sign in love and romance

Nobody does romance quite like a February 29 Pisces. “These people are full of love and especially understanding when anyone they love is struggling,” says Sunday. They often make patient and nurturing partners, so long as they feel wanted in return. For them, communication and quality time are crucial for thriving in a relationship.

That said, a February 29 Pisces may sometimes have so much love to give to partners and friends that they struggle to focus their attention, says Sunday, “which can be frustrating for lovers [of theirs] who have an anxious attachment style.”

February 29 zodiac sign in friendship

February 29 Pisces tend to be kind and make incredible friends, but it might take a bit of poking to get them to open up. “These people are careful not to get too deep with strangers when first meeting them,” says Ash. But once they finally do open up, they often can’t help but be the gushiest type of friend. The fact that their birthday appears on the calendar only once every four years might also add to their level of patience with others.

Even so, a February 29 Pisces can occasionally get lost in their own world. (Remember their mind-wandering tendency?) “It can feel like they’re the friend who floats in and out of your life,” says Ash. They’ll do best with friends who can help keep them grounded. But when all is said and done, anyone would want a giving, compassionate February 29 Pisces in their corner.

February 29 zodiac sign in family dynamics

At home, Pisceans tend to be lovers of family values. They appreciate an environment where they can feel stable and safe emotionally, especially since they can be guarded. “They are selfless with loved ones, as natural givers who never think twice about doing something kind,” says Ash. When the care they give to their family members is reciprocated, it can feel easier for a February 29 Pisces to rest their bones and express vulnerability.

As natural diplomats, February 29 Pisces zodiac signs also tend to be good mediators when it comes to domestic drama and conflict. “Very often, they act as the social glue that keeps the delicate balance of relationships together in the core family unit,” says Ash.

Compatibility for February 29 Pisces

It’s important to note: There’s a lot that goes into astrological compatibility. After all, each one of us contains multitudes beyond what our sun sign might suggest (see: your entire natal chart). But based on their sun sign alone, February 29 Pisces have a few likely matches.

“People born on February 29 are often most compatible with the traditional zodiac signs that Pisces are compatible with, like Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn,” says Ash. That said, they should also be sure to consider their moon sign (aka the sign the moon was in when they were born) when assessing compatibility, she adds. That’s because a person’s moon sign speaks to their emotional personality, “and February 29 Pisces are more emotionally sensitive than other Pisces,” says Ash, “and will need someone who can help ground their energy.”

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