Rock-Star Energy: How to Make the Most of Mystical and Powerful February

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There is nothing more important in spirituality and healing work than honestly facing yourself, embodying your unique gifts and high vibrations, and not spiritually bypassing anything. With monthly Rock-Star Energy forecasts, "Rock-Star Shaman" Alyson Charles represents those elements by communicating the wisdoms of both Earth (rock) and sky (star).

Focusing on these Rock-Star elements for monthly energy forecasts assures that throughout our respective spiritual journey, we are grounding, rooting, and working on our lower chakras and our earthly, human tasks and behaviors. At the same time, we are also expanding, rising, working with the upper chakras, and connecting to the cosmos and stars to collaborate with the divine energy of the universe. 

February is a very mystical and powerful month, delivering a healthy dose of rooting, rising, and expecting long-awaited miracles to reveal in deep, clear ways. Below, learn grounding techniques for channeling the earthly energy of the "Rock" and also the ambitious growth energy of the "Star."


Right now, there is a feeling of holding Mother Earth's blessed energies in an incubated way around the seeds we planted for our lives before the winter’s cold came in. Some essences of these beautiful seeds have already begun to rise to the surface, providing a miraculous glimpse of what's to come.

As this positive energy percolates, we must not become resistant to the still-evident dark, cold days. Instead, let’s revere them with knowledge that the roots of our greatest dreams are being fortified, strengthened, and sent on their way for a grand reveal.


February represents love (there's a strong focus on this, come Valentine’s Day mid-month). Still, prepare to rise up and expand into the further infinite regions of this love energy. That is to say, we will explore what this holiday means beyond our romantic relationships.

Rock-Star grounding techniques for growth

1. Clear the lower chakras

In a sacred, intentional and honoring way, use sustainable sage or palo santo to clear the energy around your lower three chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root). As you waft the smoke in these areas, say, “I allow this sacred smoke to cleanse away any energies from my first three chakras that no longer serve my highest self and purpose. These energies clear with total grace and ease. The new space opened up within me allows my greater truths to communicate and unfold.”

2. Recite gratitude affirmations

To support yourself in staying present during this most pivotal time, speak this affirmation: “In gratitude, I breathe with the energies of the new, feeling their truth expanding and excited for their rooted-to-rising reveal.”

Write down the affirmation, and read it out loud five times every morning. Then sit with your eyes closed, feeling the energies of the affirmation. Bring the feelings into your cells and being. Finally, practice a daily ritual that honors the affirmation. That might be:

  1. Surrounding, blessing, and charging it with a crystal
  2. Singing or playing an instrument to activate it
  3. Doing a meditation or journey around the affirmation’s theme to see what it reveals
  4. Lighting a candle for this affirmation, and seeing what the flame communicates

These techniques help us to cherish where we are presently, face any fears so that we don’t push against or resist our current state, and put us in a space of allowing.

3. Sit in meditation

Close your eyes, connect to your breath, and direct each inhale into your heart. On each exhale, expand your field of awareness further and further.

Once you feel connected to a pure, infinite space, enjoy the never-ending love of the universe, which is the same never-ending love that is the truth of you. Allow this incredible love inside of you to be fully felt and embodied, and remain in this feeling for as long as possible. When you feel an urge to come out of the meditation, try to remain for at least two more minutes.

4. Journal your thoughts

After completing the meditation, write down how the love you experienced felt. Perhaps it facilitated feelings of openness, oneness, or peace. Return to this journal entry as often as possible throughout February.

February is about both grounding techniques and a growth mentality

Be mindful of doing your part in order to have this great love live inside of you so you can share it with others. This allows the vibration of our love for our entire planet to rise, grow, and connect more fully with the universe’s love.

An embodiment of mine is to focus on sharing, and it's asking me to rise and grow this year to celebrate multifaceted talents, dimensions, and modes of expression. It's a shift from the old paradigm that valued staying in tight little boxes that appealed to feelings of safety and comfort. These soul-restricting tight spaces made many enclose others in boxes too, so that their egos and minds could more easily “understand” and label who they are. Free from that system, you can now  give yourself full permission to activate more of your amazing talents. It’s time to share your unique alchemical medicine with the world and be more conscious of celebrating and fanning the flames of everyone else’s multiple layers as well.

As you work on this, notice what triggers you when someone else is brave and vulnerable enough to share their talents. If you feel judgment, anger, or confusion (any lower-realm emotions), that's a sign that your soul also wants to be in much greater expression. Rather than project negativity to the person in expression, take responsibility for your inward feelings. Courageously ask yourself if your bitterness or frustration has more to do with the fact that deep down, you and your soul simply wish to be in greater liberation too. From this place, ask your soul what light and abilities it would like to grow more. Write them down, and take actionable steps to bring more of your true self alive.

Alyson Charles, aka Rock-Star Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips to teach people how to awaken their power. 

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