#Girlpower FTW: Female-Owned Businesses Are up 3,000 Percent

Photo: Stocksy/W2 Photography
There's no better time than now to leave your bill-paying job in favor of pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Why? Well, many companies started by women—like one that creates colorful cupcakes or another that supplies cruelty-free cosmetics, or a different one that treats patients using functional medicine, to name just a few—have gained massive success over the years. But, the number of #girlbosses dominating in the United States is likely even more impressive than you thought.

According to the American Express 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report, the female-owned businesses have increased by an awe-inspiring 3,000 percent since companies owned by minorities and women were first acknowledged by the US Census Bureau in 1972. That's not the only mic-drop-worthy stat noted in the analysis, though. It also showed four of every 10 businesses in the US—or 40 percent—are now owned by women. And on top of that, the number of companies owned by women have increased by 58 percent in the past 11 years overall, with 47 percent of them being owned by women of color.

Four of every 10 businesses in the US are now owned by women.

Consider this girl-power-heavy news the inspo you need to keep supporting female business owners, in order to ensure this upward stride stays strong. And don't be afraid of becoming part of that impressive percentage yourself: There's still plenty of room at the table for passionate, creative, smart boss ladies to sit down and make a difference, too.

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