7 Feng Shui Home Tips to Infuse Your Whole Space With Calming, Cozy Vibes

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In an effort to be compliant with guidelines to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many of us are spending way more time than we normally do at home. Since so much of what's happening in the world is beyond our control, and research supports that the environment in which we spend our time impacts how we feel, it's important that our home feels as safe and serene as possible. That's where feng shui home tips can come in to help.

"In times like these, creating a calm and peaceful home can easily become your greatest tool in remaining mentally, physically, and emotionally calm," says feng shui consultant Nixie Marie. "Your home gets to become a beacon of light for you amid the chaos."

So if you're craving a sense of calmness (and, really, how could you not be?), try implementing the following seven feng shui home tips to transform the energy of your space and cultivate a sense of tranquility.

Below, get 7 feng shui home tips to cultivate a sense of calm, straight from experts.

1. Use sage to clear stagnant energy

"As we spend more time inside, varying emotions from the self and others with whom you're sharing space have a greater potential to build up," says certified feng shui master and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Laura Cerrano.

But no matter the source of this lower-frequency energy, you don't want it in your space. To clear it, Cerrano recommends burning white sage a few times per week to promote emotional calmness and clarity.

2. Keep your kitchen and stove clean

According to feng shui principles, stoves symbolize the enhancing of wealth and health. So as you're spending more time cooking at home, easy feng shui home tips to implement for increased comfort and positivity include keeping your stove and kitchen tidy.

"Every time you turn on the stove's burners, hold the intention of 'igniting' good wealth and healthy energy for you and your family." — Laura Cerrano, feng shui master

Also, be mindful of how you use your stove. "Every time you turn on the stove's burners, hold the intention of 'igniting' good wealth and healthy energy for you and your family," Cerrano says. "If you happen only to use one burner all the time, change it up. The symbolic meaning behind this is to encourage the behavior of trying something new versus staying in the same old pattern."

3. Nurture your inner muse

If you find yourself with pockets of free time, use it as an opportunity to get creative—and ideally in a dedicated space. Cerrano recommends designating a physical area to nurture your inner muse through painting, drawing, writing, or doing any other creative activity. "This can be fun and also provide a way to release stuck emotions that, otherwise, you might not know how to express in the current moment," she says.

4. Bring in the 5 elements of feng shui

"The five elements are a beautiful way to bring positive virtues into your home," Cerrano says. "They [help with] navigating these unsettling times." As a reminder the five elements are:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

The element of wood, which represents participating in change versus holding on to the past, can be brought in with real plants. Lighting a candle symbolizes fire, which represents joy. Crystals infuse the grounding energy of the Earth. Water embodies the divine source and can be represented with a small water fountain or images of water. And metal items signify being conscious and aware of what's happening.

5. Designate a space for healing

"Whether it be as simple as a small pillow with a candle and a journal or as elaborate as an entire room devoted to your inner work, your spiritual foundation should be of a top priority for you right now," Marie says. "Even if you haven't leaned into a spiritual practice, taking five to 10 minutes a day to sit in a sacred space and be with where you are helps you process through any stored emotions."

6. Increase your air quality

In feng shui, boosting your air quality means turning to your inner plant lady. "Bring some air-purifying plants into your home to increase the oxygen levels and bring healthy air to your lungs," Marie says.

Particular plants Cerrano recommends include bamboo, rubber trees, succulents, ivy plants, snake plants, jade plants, philodendrons, peace lilies, and ferns. "The common thread between all of them is they are easy to maintain and have curved leaves,” she says. “In feng shui, we try to reduce sharp edges inside the home to reduce 'sha’ — cutting energy.”

7. Make your bedroom a sanctuary

"Your bedroom should only be used for two things, and both start with the letter 'S': sleep and sex," Marie says. To promote calming vibes, ensure that your bedroom feels like a refuge where you can let all the worries go, and allow your body and mind truly unwind.

How do you optimize your bedroom for feng shui calmness, though? For starters, keep screens out of the bedroom. Cerrano also recommends making your bed in the morning. "This provides you with a sense of accomplishment, self-respect, and sets the stage for an easier transition to a full night's rest or even a midday nap," she says.

Also, don't store anything underneath your bed. "Energy of what is below rises," Cerrano says. “So if you choose to store items below the bed that promote worry, stress, concern, or anxiety, that is most likely the type of energy that is filtering into your subconscious mind when sleeping. Exceptions to this feng shui principle are clothing and linens."

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