The “Magic Pill” That Hannah Bronfman Swears Counteracts Her Post-Dairy Bloat

Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman
The dairy-free train is jam-packed with celebs (oh hey, Alicia Keys and Margot Robbie) and plebs alike—and for good reason: Lactose can be the culprit behind everything from bloating to acne. Which is why wellness aficionado Hannah Bronfman tries to keep her Ben & Jerry's of the nut-milk variety.

But for those times when she does reach for the cheese—hey, pizza happens—the fit-girl swears by the combination of fenugreek and thyme to keep her digestion running (no pun intended) smoothly. "They help get dairy out of the body," she explains in a video recently posted on her wellness blog HBFit. "These are kind of a magic pill, so thank me later."

"These are kind of a magic pill, so thank me later."

Fenugreek and thyme (yes, the same thyme you use to season your veggies) are herbs that help keep your lungs and sinuses clear. But what of Bronfman's claim that they help flush the food from your system? "Since dairy consumption is known to cause excess mucus in our body, fenugreek is certainly beneficial in reducing that in the respiratory tract," says holistic nutritionist Vanessa Vorbach. "Thyme, on the other hand, makes a good carminative for sluggish digestion. I can see why this supplement can be helpful in her case."

Sounds like something worth trying with your next ombré parfait.

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