3 Financial Wellness Mantras to Live By

What's in store for 2019? A full-blown financial movement within the wellness landscape, whereby practicing healthy budgeting habits and upping your know-how on your 401(k) exists right alongside making time for your morning yoga sesh. In two words: Financial wellness.

If you missed our December Wellness Trends event—in which over 300 rapt readers scored a front-row seat to an in-depth discussion on all things healthy finances—we rounded up the number one piece of advice from each of our expert panelists so you can tap into this mindset, too.

Tune in above for quick financial pointers you need in your life right now from Managing Director and Head of Citi® US Branch Network Dena Roten, Ladies Get Paid founder Claire Wasserman, and life coach Shanna Tyler to rock 2019.

Watch the video above for 3 mantras to upgrade your financial wellness in the year ahead. 

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