This Is the One Step You Need to Make for Your Financial Health

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Excluding the occasional impulse buy (ahem, matcha from Japan and that giant quartz crystal)—you’d get a gold star for your personal finances. You stash away paychecks, pay off debt like a boss, and have a retirement plan.

But there’s one money move you might not have made: investing. To boost your financial future, Ellevest—the investment platform made by women for women—is here to help.

Ellevest’s digital platform provides what you need to know to get rolling toward your big-picture goals, like time off to start a family or spend a month in Bali.

Eager to expand your investment know-how or ready to take the first step toward investing? Score $25 from Ellevest to get started. There’s no minimum to open an account—so it’s literally time well spent. Click here to find out more.

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