What You Need to Know to Achieve Financial Control in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond

Taking control of your financial security doesn't have to be intimidating (like, make-your-own-kombucha-from-scratch intimidating). In fact, you can even start right now. 

Just take it from Yolanda Piazza, CEO of Citi FinTech, who's here to give you some (uplifting!) advice. Specifically, the exact tips to keep in mind for every decade, from your 20s to your 50s and beyond. 

The one key piece of information that holds constant? Be honest. What do your finances look like? What do you spend your money on? What can you simplify to make things easier on you later on? 

To help you narrow it down, watch the video above for the questions you should be asking yourself at every stage that can help you understand your financial landscape and ensure you're saving for your specific dreams. "Make long term goals that fit your short term needs," Piazza says. So grab a pen, and relax.

Watch the video above to hear Citi FinTech's Yolanda Piazza's tips for taking control over your finances—no matter your stage in life.

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