Why We Should All Think About Our Wellness Routine Like a Savings Account

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6:00 a.m. Wake up
6:10 a.m. Meditate
6:20 a.m. Journal
7:30 a.m. Yoga
8:30 a.m. Shower and 10-step makeup routine
9:00 a.m. Work

If your mornings look anything like mine (see detailed scheduling above), then question: Do you also feel like a complete and utter failure when hitting the snooze button derails your carefully created routine?

The conundrum was top of mind at the most recent Well+Good TALK in New York City, where a panel of wellness all-stars discussed how we can stop wellness-shaming ourselves in 2019. One genius way to reframe your thinking? To find your healthy balance for life, holistic nutritionist and founder of Doing Well Daphne Javitch said to think of everything you do as a bank transaction—a series of withdrawals and deposits, if you will. "It’s a savings account," she told the audience. "Create health by collecting great choices...and then have French fries at Polo Bar with your girlfriend."

In other words, each time you serve yourself a hearty stack of healthy matcha pancakes, make it to your favorite sweaty dance class, or have a cathartic session with your therapist, you're making (wellness) bank. And since you have your savings to fall back on it's okay (I repeat, all good! More than fine! You go girl!) to raincheck your hefty morning routine for the snooze button. The goal is just to make sure you don't go into debt.

"The sign of a pro is how quickly can you course correct, how quickly can you return to your routine." —holistic nutritionist Daphne Javitch

Introducing yet another helpful metaphor, Javitch suggests thinking of these fries-with-friends moments as switching lanes on your normally scheduled wellness route. Then after you've spent a happiness-boosting night with your besties, you can scoot smoothly back into your usual lane. "The sign of a pro is how quickly can you course correct, how quickly can you return to your routine," she said. Rather than bashing yourself for taking a night off, keep your cool. "It’s that ease and that grace that creates a spirit of being well." 

Once you've made your way back into your rightful lane, start saving up again. And by brunch time/cocktail hour/bagel day at work, you'll have more than enough wellness currency to spend however you feel is most additive to your life.

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