The Most Convenient and Comfortable Chelsea Boots Happen To Be Podiatrist-Beloved

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So, you’re looking to add a versatile new pair of boots to your wardrobe, but you want to make sure they're actually comfortable. We get it. Given the looks of the many, many ankle, calf-high, and knee-high silhouettes that are saturating the shoe market, it’s safe to say that boots are top of mind this time of year—but as with any footwear, not all boots are created equal.

Boots come with all kinds of features, like laces, hidden interior zippers for easier wear, platforms—the list goes on. Still, one boot silhouette remains the most convenient of all: the slide-on, slip-off Chelsea boot. Characterized by a stretchy side panel that lets you easily slip the shoes on and off, Chelsea boots are perfect for the person on the go, whether they’re heading out for a quick walk around the neighborhood, errand run, brunch, farmer’s market stroll, or night out with friends. Of course, not all Chelsea boots are comfortable, no matter their convenience. In addition to varying widths and stiffness, many Chelsea boots can cause major damage to your feet if you need arch support, since they often have very flat soles.

But that’s not the case with the new-ish FitFlop F-Mode Flatform Boots ($170), aka the most comfortable Chelsea boots I’ve ever slipped into.

First came the FitFlop F-Mode Flatform Leather Boots, which are sold in shiny black, brown, and plum leather. Due to their instant popularity among shoppers, the brand released the FitFlop F-Mode Flatform Suede Leather Boots, which are sold in black and light tan. Where the leather boots have black or brown soles, the suede boots have chic monochromatic soles or bright white soles which give them a modern sneaker flair that can easily be dressed up or down.

How comfortable is the FitFlop Flatform Boot? Let us count the ways.

Of course, the FitFlop F-Mode Flatform Boots offer way more than just looks. From a comfort stance, they far surpass any other Chelsea boots I’ve worn, thanks to their lightweight feel and expertly designed Microwobbleboard technology. In layman’s terms, the footbed and midsole is outfitted with three layers of targeted cushioning. Where the heel has firm cushioning to reduce impact and absorb shock, the middle is soft and highly padded to be as comfortable and supportive as possible, while the toe has medium cushioning to maximize push-off.

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In short, the innovative design of the footbed, combined with a slip-resistant outsole, blister-preventing ankle padding, sturdy bootstraps, and Scotchgard-protected upper puts these boots on a pedestal. (It’s worth mentioning, though, that the suede uppers can look a bit smudged, but such is often the case with any suede boots. That said, if the sight or a more worn-in upper grates your nerves, the leather option is the way to go.)

FitFlop is known for its biomechanically designed shoes that have earned the brand a Podiatrist Seal of Acceptance, as well as shopper loyalty. The W+G team has tried a variety of FitFlop's shoes, including running sneakers and flip flops, and all have past the comfort test with flying colors.

Suffice to say, if you’re looking for a new versatile and convenient boot silhouette to add to your closet, these boots fit the bill—so much so that you may want to buy more than one color. Consider it a gift to yourself this new year.

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