These Fisherman Sandals Have Hidden Cushion That Make Them Supportive With Every Stride, Even Though They Look Flat

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Sandal season is officially upon us. While buckle slides like Birkenstocks and chunky platforms remain popular silhouettes for summer 2023, we’re seeing another footwear style popping up left and right: fisherman sandals.

With searches for "women’s fisherman sandals" and "fisherman sandal outfits" trending on TikTok (with over a billion views between them), it’s clear to see that this woven, '90s-inspired fashion statement is having a major comeback. And while the  jelly-esque fisherman sandals of yesteryear are certainly popular, many brands have updated that traditional silhouette for the modern day. If you prefer the latter, I have just the thing; allow me to introduce you to the FitFlop Gracie Matt-Buckle Leather Fisherman Sandals ($130).

Where many fisherman sandals feature a closed-toe silhouette, the FitFlop Gracie Fisherman Sandals have an open-toe design with three straps across the foot and a fourth strap, complete with an adjustable buckle, looped around the ankle. While that many straps might make you worry about blisters, these sandals are designed to be foot-friendly and are chock-full of hidden cushioning, especially in the "flat" sole.

My honest review of the FitFlop Fisherman Sandals

Once upon a time, FitFlop was thought to be an orthopedic footwear brand. The brand’s wedge flip-flops (specifically, the Surfa ($60) and Walkstar ($60) styles) are definitely polarizing on the looks front, but are widely recommended by podiatrists for folks with pre-existing foot conditions thanks to their incredibly supportive design. Over the years, though, FitFlop has learned to blend style with function for a footwear brand that does it all—and these fisherman sandals are proof.

fisherman sandals
Photo: Rebecca Norris

If you ask me, the FitFlop Gracie Fisherman Sandals are a great option for those looking for a casual, comfortable sandal that works as well for work as it does for running errands over the weekend. Outwardly, the straps are a trendy, shiny leather. On the interior, though, they’re lined with microfiber so that they won’t chafe your feet mid-stride or start to blister on hot, sweaty summer days.

While the footbeds don’t have the same soft lining, they’re anatomically designed and embedded with high-rebound cushioning that will literally make you feel like you have a cushy bounce in your step. Even though the soles look flat, they're totally supportive and sport the brand's signature Dynamicush™ lining that cradles the contours of your feet for supreme comfort. It's this technology that makes all FitFlop flat shoes, from sandals to ballet flats, so beloved by podiatrists, as well as by folks with flat feet, high arches, and other foot-related issues.

All in all, I think FitFlop's fisherman sandals–which, BTW, are sold in three classic neutrals of black, beige, and light tan—are super comfortable. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that not all of the foot straps are adjustable—only the ankle one is. As someone with narrow feet, I found that they were a teeny bit too roomy in the toe-box, but not so much that they made me feel unstable or uncomfortable on my feet. Otherwise, they're a total catch, pun intended.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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