10 Gifts for Your Workout Buddy That Go Beyond Just Another Pair of Leggings

Your workout buddy is the hero who always makes sure you're drinking enough water (hydration is key, y'all), the trendspotter who always sends you the latest must-try workouts, and the only one who makes you want to move when you're feeling blah—aka, they deserve a holiday gift worthy of their friendship.

But before you default to buying them another pair of leggings (because odds are, their drawer is already overflowing) take a look at this list of editor-curated fitness gift ideas that will really say "thanks for being my MVP motivator." From PACHAMAMA CBD to soothe sore post-workout muscles to sweat-proof jewelry they'll never have to take off, these are the gifts in-the-know fitness lovers will be giving this year.

Keep reading for 10 fitness gift ideas your workout buddy will love (that you might want to snag for yourself, too).

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PACHAMAMA Icy Muscle Gel, $45

First up on our list of fitness gift ideas? A post-workout soreness savior. This roll-on recovery gel is infused with broad-spectrum CBD (which means it's 100 percent THC-free), menthol, and herbs known for their healing properties to provide temporary relief for sore muscles. PSA: It works just as well for workout buddies as it does for co-workers who are in a love/hate relationship with their desk chair and dads who make sounds every time they stand up.

Tangram Smart Rope LED, $80

Why use a regular jump rope when you could use a smart jump rope? This sleek upgrade on the warmup essential is adjustable to any height, syncs to an app to help track workout times, interval training, and more, and displays jump count on the rope itself as it passes through the air—so they can sing along to their workout playlist instead of counting reps.

fitness gift ideas

Bala Bangles, $65

Help take any at-home workout to the next level with these pretty weighted bangles. Designed to be worn on wrists and/or ankles (without rubbing or chafing) they'll turn any low-intensity workout like yoga, pilates, or even aerobics into a full-body burner.

PACHAMAMA Relax — Kava Kava Valerian, $75

Every fitness enthusiast knows stretching is key for recovery, but the real ones know that sleep is actually an even more important recovery tool (it's true, science says so). For help getting those quality zzz's, hook your workout buddy up with a bottle of CBD mixed with kava kava and valerian root extracts—both of which have been used historically as natural sleep aids without the grogginess, so they'll wake up ready to tackle their sweat sesh.

fitness gift ideas

UA RECOVER™ Fleece Full Zip Hoodie, $90

When they open the box, they'll think they're just getting a sporty-looking sweatshirt—but the benefit they can't see is the minerals infused into the sherpa-like fabric that return infrared energy to the body to help with recovery. It sounds made up, but it's legit—check out the science behind it, then text your workout group chat to geek out over it (just make sure you don't spoil the surprise!).

Mejuri Nova Necklace, $175

Remembering to take your jewelry off before every workout is a hassle, but you don't want it to get ruined from sweat either. The solution? Sweat-proof jewels like this dainty necklace from Mejuri that's made of 14 karat gold so it'll hold up to even the most intense workouts.

fitness gift ideas

MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle, $50

Fitness essentials we could probably all get better at: drinking water and foam rolling. Help your fitness pal hit their hydration goals and loosen up sore muscles with this 40-ounce foam roller water bottle that's basically two gifts in one.

PACHAMAMA Variety 6 Pack, $16

For the friend who's new to bringing CBD into their fitness routine, this variety pack makes a great stocking stuffer (and if you stock up on a bunch, you'll have last-minute gifts at the ready all season). With six ampules of herbally infused CBD—each featuring a different benefit—they can test out whether they prefer black pepper and turmeric to help with inflammation or goji and cacao to help sustain natural energy. And what athlete couldn't use some energy support?

UA Sportsmask, $30

Working out in a mask is a struggle—but it doesn't have to be a total drag with a mask that's specifically designed for high-intensity use. This one is structured to sit away from the face to make breathing easier, and the Iso-Chill fabric stays cool to the touch to help avoid that overheating feeling.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit, $160

A pair of shoes can make or break a workout, which is why your BFF will be thrilled to receive these colorful kicks (that come in a ton of color combos so you can match them to their go-to activewear aesthetic). With the right amount of cushion to power long runs and enough stability to support HIIT sessions, these shoes are ready for whatever workout you decide to try together next.

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