Why an End of the Week Fitness Journaling Practice Can Help You Stay Motivated

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When you're sticking with a new fitness regimen, it can be hard to keep the big picture in mind. Sunday rolls around and you're so focused on the burpees to come that you totally forget everything you've already accomplished in the last week. But whether you're logging mile after mile, hitting the gym for strength training, or attending a few yoga classes a week, movement is always worth celebrating. That's why trainer Tara Nicolas recommends weekly fitness journaling to remind yourself that, well, you're a freaking bad*ss.

As part of Well+Good's Renew Year Movement Plan (a month-long workout schedule that you can start any time), Nicolas built in a Sunday recovery session that centers around self-reflection and rest. This day is reserved for restorative stretching, meditation, and—yes—journaling about how the last week felt for you and your body. That way, you don't wind up starting another week of workouts without recognizing everything you accomplished over the last seven days.

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  • Tara Nicolas, Nike trainer, Reiki practitioner, and meditation instructor

Keeping a fitness journal makes complete sense when you remember that putting pen to paper can help you make your goals feel more attainable, stabilize your emotions, and work through the obstacles in front of you. As  Becs GentryPeloton Tread instructor and 2:37-marathoner previously told Well+Good: "Sometimes you have those crappy workouts, and you know that you still did it, and that's what counts... By writing it down, you can admit it and pinpoint why it sucked." In other words: It's a place to celebrate your wins and your perceived "losses."

If you're ready to jump in and start having more perspective on your movement patterns, Nicolas recommends cracking a notebook and writing. Just remember: There's no "wrong" way. If you feel like writing 10 straight pages about your week of workouts, that's great. But if a handful of bullet points is more your speed this week, that's totally cool, too. Here are Nicolas' favorite prompts to get you started.

  • What felt like an obstacle this week?
  • What felt like a win this week?
  • What are you aware of mind, body, and soul?

Pair your journaling practice with some reflective, restorative yoga:

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