The Best Fitness Recovery Practice for Your Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Incorporating rest days into your fitness routine is essential, regardless of whether you're into HIIT, yoga, Pilates, cycling, or otherwise. But, just as everyone's workout preferences are different, the rituals that will best nourish you post-workout will differ, too. With that in mind, pinpointing the best fitness recovery routine for your zodiac sign can prove to be helpful intel for effectively nourish and replenishing yourself along your healthy-living journey.

Given that we turn to astrology to help us understand what makes most sense for us in so many facets of life, including what bedtime rituals we should practice, how to travel, and even how to get turned on, it makes sense to consult the cosmos regarding fitness recovery practices, as well. Ahead, Emily Ridout, an astrologer and yoga teacher, shares the best fitness recovery practice for each zodiac sign.

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  • Emily Ridout, author, folklore expert, and yoga and astrology teacher

The best fitness recovery practice for you, according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Stretch it out

Independent Aries love to march to the beat of their own drum, so Ridout recommends stretching as it's a self-directed ritual. "As a cardinal fire sign, Aries tends to know what to do to align with their inner energy."

Taurus: Take a nap

After and between workouts, Taurus benefits from taking a nap. "Taurus is a physical Earth sign and tends to go all-in on their workouts," Ridout says. "Because of this, Taurus needs a true rest day, which allows the body to completely refresh and rejuvenate before the next outpouring of energy."

Gemini: Try modern dance

"Gemini is a sign of the mind," Ridout says, which means they love exploring things that keep them mentally occupied. For this reason, she recommends a modern-dance-based continuum as a restorative activity, as it'll keep the mind busy but still soothe and restore the body between workouts.

Cancer: Enjoy an Epsom salt bath

After a workout, a relaxing Epsom salt bath is just what a Cancer needs. "Cancer is a water sign and finds joy in relaxation and self-nurture," Ridout says. "An Epsom salt bath is perfect for rejuvenation as well as putting Cancers back in their natural element.”

Leo: Do a dry sauna

Leo is a fixed fire sign, so spending a recovery day basking in a dry sauna will be right up their alley, Ridout says. As an alternative, she suggests spending time outside, doing a low-impact activity such as going for a walk or roller-skating.

Virgo: Treat yourself to a deep-tissue massage

For Virgo, Ridout points to a deep-tissue massage to support a full-body recovery day that doubles as pampering. A self-massage using a foam roller, she adds, is an alternative fitness recovery practice for this sign.

Libra: Do yin yoga

"Libra is the cardinal air sign meant to find balance, and balance is made by the joining of opposites," Ridout says. So if you've been doing intense workouts, she recommends balancing it with some cooling yin yoga on your recovery days to help the body return to physical harmony.

Scorpio: Hit the steam room

Scorpio is the fixed water sign that doesn't shy away from intensity. According to Ridout, the heat and humidity of a steam room is the perfect recovery-day activity for Scorpio. After a steamy shower, a DIY hot towel facial is also a great idea.

Sagittarius: Get a Thai massage

Sagittarians are travelers at heart. Not only do they love to see the world, but they also love to adopt the best practices from different cultures, Ridout says. This is why she suggests a Thai massage as a recovery-day practice, especially after a difficult workout, as they're known to help relieve tension and align your spirit.

Capricorn: Do restorative yoga

"Capricorn is a hardworking cardinal Earth sign, and it can be difficult for Capricorn to make a true recovery day," Ridout says. "Restorative yoga is the perfect antidote to this. It's recovery that still seems productive, even though what you're doing is actively bringing yourself into a state of deep rest."

Aquarius: Try energy healing

Ridout recommends that Aquarius signs look to energy healing practices, such as reiki, to recharge the body, mind, and spirit post-workout. "Because Aquarius values the balance of the mind and the emotions, they're naturally tuned in to energetic work," Ridout says. "They see the value of creating vibrational resonance between the various facets of the self."

Pisces: Enjoy a reflexology foot massage

"Pisces is the water sign that rules the feet, which are connected to every other place in the body through the nervous system," Ridout says. With that in mind, she believes Pisces would benefit from a reflexology session in-between workouts. By focusing on the feet, she says, you'll open up the energy in the entire body. The best part? You can give yourself a reflexology massage whenever you want.

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