The 5-Minute Workouts That Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

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Keep moving, even just a little bit. That's the key to living a long healthy life. Whether you love to walk, run, lift, or swim, something as easy as five-minute workouts each and every day has the power to change your physical and mental well-being for the better.

Quick hits of movement get your blood flowing, allowing you to reap the benefits of exercise without devoting too much time to your daily workouts. When you're pressed for time, whether you're into HIIT, barre, boxing, or yoga, these five-minute workouts don't disappoint.

The best five-minute workouts

1. Total core workout

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It only takes five minutes to hit every area of your core in this workout from trainer Ashley Joi.

2. Full-body strength workout

Charlee Atkins's full-body strength workout will make you work up a sweat with moves like one-arm alternating mountain climbers and V-circles.

3. Full-body boxing workout

Switch things up with this full-body boxing workout from trainer Ashley Guarrasi. By the time you finish five minutes of punches, shoulder taps, and jump squats, you'll feel like a new person.

4. Foam rolling routine

If you'd rather chill than jump around, follow along with Traci Copeland's foam-rolling routine to banish any tightness from your body.

5. Kettlebell core workout

Grab your kettlebell and get to work with this speedy session from trainer Roxie Jones that targets your core, and then some.

6. Barre-inspired workout

There's no barre needed in this five-minute workout from Kara Liotta. Just a mat, a couple dumbbells, and a resistance band.

7. Full-body workout

Get ready for Emily Cook Harris to lead you through plenty of squats, planks, and lunges in this five-minute workout.

8. Yoga for core flow

You don't need to devote an hour to yoga in order to reap the benefits. This flow led by Aditi Shah and Sasha Nelson only requires five minutes of your time.

9. Stretch and burn workout

This workout from trainer Alicia Archer is part stretch and part burn, helping you build up strength while also boosting your flexibility.

10. Full-body toning workout

You only need five moves and five minutes for this workout with exercises that touch muscles in your body from head to toe.

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