11 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Appeal to All 5 of Your Partner’s Senses

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Whether you and your S.O. will be enjoying a candle-lit dinner at home or catching up on a video call this Valentine's Day, gifts are a great way to show you care (especially if their love language is gift-receiving). But this year, think beyond just chocolate and flowers—consider a gift or two that appeals to your partner's senses.

Think, bath salts or great candle that whenever they use it, they'll be reminded of your affection. Or a delicious cake they'll be dreaming of as soon as they finish it. Keep scrolling for five sense gift ideas that tap into sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.

11 five senses gift ideas for Valentine's Day


1. Milk Bar Mini Red Velvet Sampler, $52

Milk Bar Mini Red Velvet Sampler

If your valentine has a sweet tooth, this mini sampler from Milk Bar will surely satisfy it. Complete with a 4-inch red velvet cake and a dozen red velvet truffles, it's the perfect dessert for two—or TBH, for one. Be sure to place your order by Thursday February 11 for delivery by Valentine's Day.

Shop now: Milk Bar Mini Red Velvet Sampler, $52

2. Blk & Bold Matcha Green Tea Powder, $18

Blk & Bold Matcha Green Tea Powder

Making matcha requires a level of care that isn't required for steeping a tea bag or flipping on a coffee pot. Gifting it can provide your loved one a sense of ritual in their day that can be super grounding. Bonus: It tastes amazing and it's filled with antioxidants and a bit of caffeine to make whoever drinks it feel nourished and energized.

Shop now: Blk & Bold Matcha Green Tea Powder, $18

3. Maine Lobster Tails, $100+

Maine Lobster Tails

Plan for a delicious Valentine's Day dinner with Maine Lobster Tails. They're wild-caught, flash-frozen to lock in ocean-fresh flavor, sustainably harvested and hand-selected, and shipped overnight, from Portland Maine.

Shop now: Maine Lobster Tails, $100+


4. Hoya Hearts Succulent, $40

Hoya Hearts Succulent

This heart-shaped succulent might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's a great way to give someone something that's a little mushy but also practical. Caring for their Hoya Heart is relatively simple and can bring them joy for years to come. Just make sure they have a sunny spot where the Hoya Heart can live and are able to water it when dry—every few weeks depending on the time of year.

Shop now: Hoya Hearts Succulent, $40

5. Society6 Sticky Art Print, $27+

Society6 Sticky Art Print,

If you know your S.O. is looking to add art to their space, consider getting them an art print. Prints are a great, inexpensive way to add a pop of color and personality to a space, making it feel more like home. Depending on their taste, you can get this print by artist Bria By Design, or shop other Society6 prints here.

Shop now: Society6 Sticky Art Print, $27+


6. Byredo Black Burning Rose Candle, $85

Byredo Black Burning Rose Candle

Roses are the quintessential flower of love. So gifting this candle will allow your partner to feel a bit of romance every time they light it. It's got the flowery accents of rose and a touch of violet wrapped in leather, birch, and ebony, adding dimension to keep the scent from being too sweet.

Shop now: Byredo Black Burning Rose Candle, $85

7. Lohn Essential Oil Scent Pebble, $16

Lohn essential oil scent pebble

This scent pebble from Lohn is a great way to use your essential oils without having to hook up a bulky diffuser. It's made from porous ceramic, so when you pour the essential oils on top the pebble soaks them up and the scent diffuses as the oil evaorates. Pair it with Lohn essential oils for the complete package.

Shop now: Lohn Essential Oil Scent Pebble, $16


8. Dedcool Taunt Massage Candle 01, $55

Dedcool Taunt Massage Candle 01

We love a two-for-one gift and this candle is just that. Burn it to release scents of amber, vanilla, and fresh dew into your space, blow it out, and then pour the wax into your hands to use it as a warm massage oil. It's made from a blend of soybean wax, soybean oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, aloe vera oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

Shop now: Dedcool Taunt Massage Candle 01, $55

9. Maude Tub Kit, $32

Maude Tub Kit

Getting into a warm bath feels like a hug. This kit from Maude comes with everything you need to have a glorious soak. Bath salts to nourish and relax your body, and coconut milk bath to soften and hydrate the skin. Your S.O. will leave the tub feeling pampered and cared for.

Shop now: Maude Tub Kit, $32


10. Loftie Alarm Clock, $165

Loftie Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is perfect for someone looking to cut down their screen time and infuse wellness into their wake up and wind down routines. It wakes you up to a sound bath that includes the songs of chirping birds. It also has other sound baths, white noise, and breathwork exercises builtin so you can access a quick wellness moment without having to turn to an app or Google.

Shop now: Loftie Alarm Clock, $165

11. Google Nest Smart Speaker, $100

Google Nest Smart Speaker


This pink speaker is on-brand for Valentine's Day, but also great to use any time of the year. It provides great sound at half the cost of comparable Bluetooth speakers on the market. It also has Google Assistant built-in, meaning it can also be used as a smart hub home for controlling lights, temperature, and more.

Shop now: Google Nest Smart Speaker, $100

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