Nearly Half of the Past Presidents Have Fixed Zodiac Signs—Here’s How Current Hopefuls Stack Up

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In astrology, quadruplicates or modalities (cardinal, fixed, or mutable) signify the way a sign directs its energetic behavior, and if you're say, trying to run a country, that intel skews important. Consider this, then: The overwhelming majority of United States presidents are fixed signs in astrology (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus), with the ratio almost half at 18 out of 45.

"It makes sense that we would gravitate toward fixed-sign leaders," says astrologer Rachel Lang. "Fixed signs stay committed to the tasks at hand, no matter how hard those tasks might be. They are steadfast and loyal. Fixed signs have a remarkable ability to put in the hard work necessary to create real, lasting change. They don’t give up. These are qualities inherent in leaders."

And not even the flash-in-the-pan presidents, either—we're talking big names like Abraham Lincoln (Aquarius), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Aquarius), Theodore Roosevelt (Scorpio), Ronald Reagan (Aquarius), Bill Clinton (Leo), and Barack Obama (Leo). And look, we're not here to say whether fixed sign presidents automatically make for the best presidents, but a pattern is a pattern. So with the 2020 election fast (so fast) approaching, what does that mean for our presidential hopefuls?

"Fixed sign candidates in this election cycle include Joe Biden, a Scorpio, and Cory Booker, a Taurus," Lang says. "Bernie Sanders has a Scorpio rising and therefore has fixed-sign energy in his chart, too. Though Donald Trump is a mutable Gemini, he has a fixed-sign Leo rising."

It's also worth pointing out that one candidate has particularly strong fixed energy across the chart: "Joe Biden has a number of chart points in fixed signs," Lang says. "With a Scorpio sun; Taurus moon; Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Scorpio; and Pluto in Leo, he has a number of planets in fixed signs. If we look at the pattern of fixed signs in astrology winning elections, we can see him as a strong contender."

And while Elizabeth Warren may not have a fixed sun sign, she indeed has leader-worthy astrological configurations. Warren has a Cancer sun, which means she’s born under a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs notably emphasize taking action and initiating change. However, her moon sign (that is, the key to your inner self) is in Taurus, a fixed sign.

"We don’t have a record of her birth time, and so, we can’t know for sure the degree of her moon, but we can see the balance between the cardinal sun—with its new ideas—and the fixed moon—with its ability to pull up its sleeves and accomplish the tasks at hand," says Lang.

Ultimately, Lang is quick to remind that modalities are only one element of a chart to consider. So, don't feel hopeless based on one candidate's astrological leanings. "Just as we have agency over our lives and our ability to manifest a spectrum of possibilities for ourselves, we have that power as a collective whole," Lang says. "We can influence the future by group intention-setting rituals, collaborating with like-minded individuals, speaking out for causes we hold dear, gathering together to protect those most vulnerable without political power, and adjusting our mind-set to focus more on what we desire for our world rather than what we detest."

And of course, voting.

Here's what's definitely on the slate for 2020: one sign is about to have its "Emerald Year," and another is going to be buying drinks for everyone with all the money that's coming in.

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