Have Trouble Switching Gears at Work? Might Be Your Fixed Zodiac Sign at Play

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While on vacation at Disney World around my birthday in April, I couldn't stop thinking about of one of my mother's go-to compli-sults: That, as a stubborn Taurus (one of the four fixed signs in astrology), I haven't really changed my ways since I was 3 years old. I still wear floral-print dresses, I still throw mini-tantrums when I'm hangry, and I am still too shy to say hello to Princess Belle.

For fixed signs in astrology (Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, along with Taurus), all of this adds up. Fixed signs are the the most constant quadruplicity in the zodiac. But in the event you're lost because WTF even is a quadruplicity, allow me to align your stars on the background and then illuminate what it means if you're one of those dependable fixed signs.

The zodiac includes 3 quadruplicities that each include 4 signs

The three quadruplicites—cardinal, mutable, and fixed—are a way of grouping the signs of the zodiac. Just as the elements—fire, water, Earth, and, air—group signs by temperament, quadruplicities, or modes, group signs by how they direct their energy behaviorally. For example, cardinal signs—Aries and Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, which are direct at the beginning of each season of the year—tend to be self-starters looking to get stuff done, which can be great they don't steamroll the ideas of those around them. This is to say, all modes have positive qualities and shadows.

"Fixed signs are the stabilizers of the zodiac, representing the second sign of each season," astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss tells me. "When the Sun is in Leo—from approximately July 21 to August 21—the summer is at its most summery. It’s not June or early July, when it’s still becoming summer but flirting with spring, and it’s not September or late August, when fall begins beckoning."

So what is the significance of a fixed sign, exactly?

Well, it's exactly what it sounds like: You're fixed in your ways, and like to finish what you start. "Fixed signs are thorough and see things through, unlike the cardinal signs who are all about starting, and mutable signs, who are always transforming," Weiss tells me. "Think of Taurus traits: bullheaded, strong-willed, and immovable. Not all of the fixed signs behave exactly like Taurus, but they all share a stability. They can sustain and go deep." But when it comes to switching gears to pivot a plan of action or ideating something brand new.

"Fixed signs get things done and go all the way, but they might not be great at coming up with the idea or letting it blossom into its next phase." —astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss

Enter, the fixed signs' shadow side, which may be particularly apt info for your workplace wellness: "Fixed signs get things done and go all the way, but they might not be great at coming up with the idea or letting it blossom into its next phase," Weiss says. "Flashes of inspiration are more challenging for fixed signs than execution of projects."

I'm also going to throw it out there and say that being a fixed sign has made it hard for me to accept any breakup. I've been told I'm "always getting over someone," regardless of my relationship status. Well, there's a reason for that: "Fixed signs are loyal but can overstay their welcome because they can't accept that anything ever truly ends," Weiss says.

To sum it all up, fixed signs don't stray far from who they are, what they believe in, or how they react to the world. But their dependable nature and determined attitude ensures devotion and loyalty. And anyway, as long as Disney is able to do CGI remakes, does anything ever really end?

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