Flare Leggings Are Officially Back—Here Are 4 Ways To Style Them

There are few things more satisfying than a dose of nostalgia mixed with something fresh and new—and that's a truth that applies to athleisure, too. Case in point: the rise of the flare legging, the slip-them-on-and-go jolt of joy that feels like reuniting with a trusty BFF and inhaling a breath of fresh air all at once.

If it's hard to picture yourself in anything other than your usual fit-like-a-glove leggings, let us introduce you to the Elation Flare Pant from Athleta, aka the pair that will convince you to add flares to your wardrobe, stat. Made with super soft Powervita™ fabric with moisture-wicking functionality, they're pants you can stretch, move, and just be in—with serious closet staying power, to boot.

Need some proof? To help you picture your new flared-pant life, we've styled four flare pant outfits that work for all your go-to activities. Recreate the looks with staple pieces from the latest Athleta collection, from super soft blazers to crop tops, pick your color mood of the moment (bright and bold or soft and soothing?), and prepare to suit up.

Scroll down for four flare pant outfits you'll want to shop ASAP.

The Cafe Look

flare pant outfit in a mood board image

Whether you're WFH and want a change of scenery or are meeting a friend for your go-to hot bev, try this take on a flare pant-focused outfit. Soft flares and a lightweight top are comfy enough for the stroll there, and the rib-trimmed jacket is warm enough for the subsequent (hours-long) hang out.

The Yoga Studio Look

Style inspiration board with flare pants outfits.

Need to energize your yoga routine? Step one: Give your ankles room to breathe through your next flow with a set of cropped flares. Step two: Opt for studio staples like a fuschia twist-back sweatshirt and an aqua sports bra, revealing a pop of color with every pose.

The On-The-Go Look

When you have errands to run and appointments to tackle, you need a wardrobe that's versatile enough to handle every transition. Enter your new fave flares (with soft ribbed detailing), a sweat-wicking bra, and a neutral zip-up for an easy layering moment.

The Casual Office Look

If "dress for comfort" is your company's motto, then leggings have likely long been in your work-wear lineup—but flares can especially pick up the slack with their put-together silhouette. Add a blazer for a matching, suit-like look plus a comfy crop top, and you've got a meeting-ready look with flair (pun intended).

Photos: Athleta; Art: Well+Good Creative

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