The Comfiest, Coziest Fleece Tops 3 Well+Good Editors Can’t Stop Wearing

Photo: Nike & W+G Creative
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If there's one thing all Well+Good editors can agree on—no matter our areas of expertise—it's that cozy loungewear is a *must,* especially as we continue to navigate the work-from-home lifestyle.

Especially in the colder months, we're always on the lookout for pieces that we can snuggle into at home, on the go, or anywhere in between—and then recommend them to you, so you can do the same.

Wearing comfy clothes on a daily basis goes beyond keeping you warm and cozy, though: It can also make you more effective at work. According to a 2021 poll, 82 percent of employed Americans believe feeling comfortable allows them to be more productive and 71 percent say that being in comfortable clothes allows them to feel more accomplished, since they're thinking less about how uncomfortable they are and more about the task at hand.

If comfy clothes aren't already part of the dress code at your job, consider this permission to use those stats as part of your campaign to change that. And if you're looking for stylish, cozy pieces to kickstart your new everyday wardrobe (that you literally won't want to take off), check out these fleece sweatshirts from Nike's Feel-Good Collection that three of our editors are counting as their ultimate soft pieces this winter.

1. The polo

Oversized fit? Collar? Retro vibe? This sweatshirt was basically created in a lab for me. The blend of old-school preppy and modern silhouette—the cropped fit is much appreciated by my collection of high-waisted pants—nails that tricky balance of comfort and cool that is typically so hard to find. PS: Having two kids three and under, I can confirm it is mom-friendly (with a little stain stick to counteract oatmeal handprints, of course). —Eva Rohan, senior director, content + strategy

2. The crewneck

When it comes to sweatshirts, cozy and cute with the perfect oversized fit is always my goal—and this fleece one from Nike hits the nail on the head for all three. It's become such a go-to in my comfort-forward closet that I've barely taken it off since it arrived, and I've already ordered another (cue the "if I like it, I'll just grab it in another color" TikTok sound). Plus, if you love matching sets as much as I do, this matching pair of sweatpants will leave you with an effortlessly cool 'fit. —Maeve McCormick, assistant branded content editor

3. The hoodie

To me, sweatshirts are like potato chips: You can't have just one... or two... or 10—they're that much of a staple in my wardrobe. But there is just one that I've been wearing on constant repeat this fall, and that's this roomy Nike hoodie that feels like being cocooned inside a blanket—if wearing a blanket could also make you feel like the trendiest person walking through any crowd. The fit is oversized without being frumpy, and the fleece on the inside is so impossibly soft it's giving the other sweatshirts in my collection a run for their money. And making me think, maybe I do only need one. —Erin Flynn, senior branded content editor

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