If I Could Use Only One Makeup Product for the Rest of My Life, It’d Be This $18 Foundation Stick

Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
I remember the day the Flesh Beauty foundation sticks came across my desk. It was about a year and a half ago, and the just-launched line (a brainchild of beauty industry vet Linda Wells) exploded into the makeup world with its 40 shade range and other fun pigmented products. I plucked my best shade match out of the pack—adorably named "Crème Brulee"—and started playing around with it.

Cut to today, and I'm still using that exact same Flesh Thickstick Foundation Stick ($18)... and I haven't used another foundation or concealer since. Seriously. While it's technically called a foundation, it does it all.  Wanna color correct some under-eye circles? This stick's got you covered, literally. Into wearing concealer without any foundation? That's what I do practically everyday. Full-coverage more your thing? You're in luck, because it's fabulous as a foundation, too.

Photo: Flesh Beauty

The stick's got a nice, thick circumference, which makes it super easy to swipe or dab on. It's also easily portable, so you can do that swiping and dabbing wherever you go. You can choose to make it really subtle and light, or build it on for fuller coverage. It goes on really creamy, so it never cakes, and still makes me look like I'm not even wearing makeup. You'd have to be Nancy Drew to figure out that I'm spot concealing with the sneaky, natural-looking foundation.

There are 40 shades to choose from, ranging from a very fair "Froth" to a very deep "Espresso" with cool undertones. I recommend it to people even when people are asking me what the best concealer is (my poor concealers have been gathering dust for a very long time). Basically, the Flesh Foundation stick is your perfect foundation-color-correcting-concealer super-product that will make your life easier. And your skin radiant.

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