This Trick Will Save You a Lot of Time—and Stress—When Rebooking a Cancelled Flight

Photo: Getty Images/Artem Varnitsin
Airports are already stressful enough. But when you spend all that time getting through security, grabbing your coffee and snacks, and waiting at your gate only to find out your flight has been cancelled, feeling defeated is an understatement. Unfortunately, you're not alone: Plenty of travelers have been in the same boat this year with more than 5,000 cancelled flights since Tuesday alone. When it does happen, just don't rush to the counter to rebook like everyone else. Instead, grab your phone.

Reddit user LaSwanduh recently shared a travel-related #LifeProTip for the books. Instead of waiting in line for a ticket agent to help you get on a new flight—which will likely take a while since everyone at your gate is doing the same thing—stay in your seat and call the airline's 1-800 number. Not only will it get the job done quicker, but—as she puts it—it also lets you avoid the "red-faced screamers" standing in line. (You know the ones.)

Another important reminder: Once you get on the phone with someone, stay as polite as possible. Because despite how you're feeling in the moment, whoever's on the other end of the call wasn't responsible for the weather messing up your travel plans. "They might have the power to make your travel a lot more pleasant. And even if they don't, they don't have control over your flight getting cancelled, so taking your frustration out on them isn't solving anything," she writes.

For your reference, here are the customer service numbers for some of the major airlines:

With some deep breathing and a kind phone call, you'll be on your way to your destination soon. Bon voyage!

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