5 Worldwide *Floating* Hotels for the Most Serene Vacation Ever

Photo: The Manta Resort

Considering how popular it is to visit hot springs and natural thermal baths for wellness-inspired travel activities, it's a safe call that wanderlusters everywhere are drawn to bodies of water—be that in tubs or on unicorns—for their restorative adventures. But if planning your vacation around enjoying a number of water-centric experiences doesn't feel like enough aquatic time, you can quench your thirst further with these seemingly magical hotels that are submerged in or floating on water.

Compiled are five of the dreamiest options around the world for your summer-vacay plans—just don't forget your swimsuit or seaweed sunscreen.

Check out five otherworldly floating hotels around the world.

Before you depart for your vacation, skim through this digital-packing list, and don't forget your sunglasses.

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