If You Have Medium-Sized Boobs, This Silky Wireless Bra Is Supportive but Not Constricting

Photo: Getty/Westend61
So often, bras are made with one type of person in mind, and that tends to fall to the opposite ends of the spectrum. Bralettes, for example, often tend to work best for those with smaller boobs, while those with larger boobs tend to need a little more support. Smack dab in the middle: This bra from Floatley, which feels as comfortable as a bralette, while adding smoothing out the cup and structure.

Floatley is a clothing brand that sells heavenly basics including leggings, undies, and—you guessed it—bras. The brand sets itself apart in the bra department in a few ways. For starters, their fabric is incredibly soft and lightweight, not to mention seamless. What’s more, despite being a wireless bra company, Floatley sells all of their silhouettes in sizes XS to XXL. Where an XS works for anyone with a 32A to 32B bra size, an XXL supports busts up to 40DD and 42D.

“I’m a 38DD and have tried numerous expensive wireless bras or bralettes,” one reviewer shared. “None compare to this. It’s so comfortable, I can wear it out of the house without the fear of uni-boob! I’ve tried similar-looking bras from big American brands but seriously—buy this one. You will not regret it!”

Now, if you’re worried about shape and support (what with no underwire or substantial padding, and all), don’t be! Another thing that sets Floatley apart is the fact that all of their bras are created with adjustable shoulder straps, triple three-row hook-and-eye back closures, and fixed cups that make them great for under tees and other smooth shirts.

As for what the bras are made with, it’s nylon and spandex, both of which allow the bra to fare best with hand washing. Be sure to opt for air-drying, too, to help maintain the shape of the undergarment.

Oh, and one more thing: It’s sold in 11 colors, so you’re bound to find one you like.

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