A Gentle Detox Is Better for You Right Now—Here’s Why

Let's just take it easy in '18.

Whether you rang in the New Year on a crowded dance floor or from your BFF’s sofa, that countdown at midnight not only marked the start of 2018 but also signaled the end of the holidays. In other words, it can definitely feel like it's time to pack up the party and get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

“We tend to be craving something healthy after all of the excessiveness during the holidays,” says holistic nutritionist Lisa Kilgour, and for many people, that looks like cleaning up your diet. Cue the internet searches for the "super intense detox" now.

But according to Kilgour, you should pump the breaks on going too extreme. In fact, detoxing can actually be a simple practice incorporated into your regular routine. “Adding some detox support at least once a year is helpful,” she says, adding that you should consider doing so more often if you regularly enjoy a cocktail. So no, that detox doesn’t have to be a big, "Stop everything, I’m on a cleanse!" moment. 

“We used to think that feeling unwell was a detox badge of honor,” Kilgour says. “But that’s no longer true.”

Kilgour's recommended must-have to give your body a boost? Flora Flor-Essence Herbal Cleanse. The herbal tea blend is packed with high-quality, gut-friendly ingredients that help rid your body of toxins while also stimulating digestion. And since Flor-Essence only requires taking a few tablespoons of the tea per day, it's not only gentle on your body, but on your schedule as well. In short: “It’s easy and effective."

Keep reading for the four convincing reasons why it’s better to start the new year with a gentle herbal cleanse.

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1. Winter is not the time for a full-scale detox

Especially when it’s cold outside, your body needs foods containing healthy fats that can help keep it nourished and warm, says Kilgour. So planning to subsist on kale juice during a month when TV weather-casters often bring up the word "blizzard" probably isn't the best idea. And, really, how comfy can your hygge-inspired January weekends be if you’re famished?

A gentle detox—especially with tea—is ideal during chilly months because it can help get your body back on track in a comfortable way. “Our bodies naturally detoxify every spring and fall, and those are better times for a more full-scale detox,” Kilgour advises.

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2. The "no pain, no gain" motto does not apply to detoxing

“We used to think that feeling unwell was a detox badge of honor,” Kilgour says. “But that’s no longer true.” Shocking your taste buds and feeling weak were all par for the course, but Kilgour says that kind of suffering is unnecessary.

“Gentle is what our body prefers,” she says, adding that options like Flor-Essence allow the body to slowly release and eliminate any built-up toxins at its own pace. “Plus you won’t have any of the detox symptoms we come to expect during a cleanse, like headaches and tiredness,” she says.

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3. Making major edits to your grocery shopping list isn’t required

Kilgour says that while you partake in a milder detox, it’s not necessary to make any major diet changes. “But a small diet clean-up is a beneficial addition that could help you see better results,” she says.

Her recommendation? Remove refined sugar and processed foods as well as dairy and gluten. And then opt for lots of veggies, fruits, and beans (bring on the warming stews and soups!).

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4. A low-hassle detox won’t disrupt your day—or week

You won’t have to worry about wasting a sick day when you’re on a gentle cleanse, since it’s unlikely you’ll experience the negative side effects that are often associated with a full-scale detox. You can keep up your usual jam, and that includes your fave workouts. “A good sweat helps move toxins out of the skin,” Kilgour notes.

And Kilgour predicts your days could get even better thanks to a gentle cleanse. “You might feel more clarity and energy, and you’ll have a general sense of feeling better,” she says. Ready to try it? Shop the full Flor-Essence line below—and opt for a more soothing goal this January.

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