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Every Time I Use This Coffee-Infused Face Mask, My Skin Looks Like It Just Chugged a Double Venti Latte

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One of my favorite things to write about is coffee. Coffee makers, barista-inspired gadgets, new caffeinated products that help me get my buzz on—drinking coffee and testing its related products is a perk of the job, pardon the puns. I've found it wakes my brain up, gets, *ahem* things moving, and, less obviously, is an unlikely hero for my skin health, too.

Yep, the same cup of Joe that gets me buzzing each morning gets my skin buzzing, as well. Specifically this latte-inspired mask from Florence By Mills, Millie Bobby Brown's very own beauty brand. Twice a week, I use the Feed Your Soul Love U A Latte Mask ($18), and twice a week, my face comes out looking like it just chugged three espresso shots.


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Like I said, coffee's reputation proceeds itself as a drink. Yes, it's loaded with caffeine, giving you a mood and energy boost when you need it most.  But dietitians love it for other nutritional reasons, too: it's an antioxidant powerhouse that helps elevate immunity against illnesses and inflammation, it's chock full of essential vitamins, and it stimulates the nervous system to get things—including your bowels—going faster.

Turns out, it works just as well on the body as it does inside of it. Coffee seed powder and oil—the key ingredients in the Florence By Mills coffee mask—contain all these wondrous nutrients and antioxidants to give skin a boost, too. Specifically, it contains vitamin B5 that smoothes skin and evens texture, and potassium, which encourages renewal and new growth. Talk about a strong brew.

I also love this multi-tasking mask for its gentle exfoliation which is powered by—you guessed it—coffee! While you can use it as a mask, it doubles as a deep cleansing scrub that's formulated with physical grounds to slough away dead skin, dirt, and layers of grime. As someone who's tested a lot of physical exfoliants, I'm impressed by how subtle the Florence By Mills mask is. It's not so fine and gritty that it doesn't work, nor is it so coarse that it scratches your skin to the point of pain. Consider it the Goldilocks of exfoliants, leaving your skin "just right" after a single session.

Just like I'll never tell anybody how to drink their coffee, I will never tell them how to use a beauty product, either—it's all personal preference. However, I personally use this mask 1-2 times a week. Unlike me, who needs a daily cup of joe the moment I wake up, my face is happy drinking this every few days, especially when I use it as a scrub. Since it's formulated with hyaluronic acid (for moisture) and glycerin (a humectant that makes the moisture stay), it adds long-lasting splash of hydration and glow-iness, even hours later.

The one, potentially weird thing I do do with the mask every day, though, is give it a whiff. This coffee-infused mask smells so heavenly and wakes up your senses whether it's on your face or not. It's what earned it review after review praising its javalicious scent. One customer called it the "highlight of the experience," thanks to its invigorating aroma, and I can confirm, it's a highlight indeed. It smells like coffee brewing first thing in the morning, and it's beautiful.

Whether you're a coffee lover like me or prefer to get your caffeine a different way, wake up your skin with the Florence By Mills coffee mask. You'll like it a latte.

Learn more about the benefits of coffee here. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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