7 Flower and Plant Subscription Boxes That’ll Give Your Home Literal *Life*

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You already know that having your home decked out with flowers and plants will do more than just look pretty as props in the background of your social posts (they also offer a slew of health benefits). That's why it's entirely unsurprising  that flower and plant subscription boxes have flourished as the greenery and decor have become more, intertwined, shall I say.

Think about the concept: These services take the guesswork out of figuring out which blooms to buy (and which are even in season, TBH) and they help you add life to all parts of your space (the shower! the master bedroom!) with almost no effort on your end. If anything, it's just like curating your own personal secret garden.

Scroll down for 7 subscription boxes and services that'll fill your home with greenery.

flower plant subscription box service
Photo: The Bouqs Co

The Bouqs Co

If you're looking to Instagram everything with a side of pink peonies or a few succulents, The Bouqs Co should be your go-to floral delivery service. With prices starting at $40, most bouquets are handcrafted by artisans for a truly elegant and authentic vibe. You can also opt for potted bloom (like orchids) as well as loose-cut flowers (such as fresh tulips). What's more, you'll know exactly which artisan picked your blooms and which area of the world they were picked from—pretty cool, right?

flower plant subscription box service
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Bloomsy Box

Less of a box and more of a bouquet, this on-demand flower delivery service provides affordable blooms nationwide. Choose from a variety of handpicked, single-floral bouquets to be delivered to your doorstep weekly, biweekly, or monthly—which means you can choose the proper timing for replacing your blooms before they fully wilt. Since plant care is not one-size-fits-all, Bloosmy also tucks in a thorough care guide for your exact flowers. Fans say their flowers, sourced from across the globe, are more unique than typical iterations they've seen in the States.

flower plant subscription box service
Photo: Click and Grow

Click and Grow

Living in a cooler climate or one with less-than-perfect temperatures means that having your own garden—little or small—can prove to be a difficult task. Thanks to Click and Grow, though, you'll be able to curate your very own collection of herbs in the confines of your own home and watch them grow and blossom into edible delights. You can sign up to receive a year's worth of seeds including basil, thyme, mint, and from a slew of different indoor planters. Cooking optional (I use herbs like these in my baths, TBH).

flower plant subscription box service
Photo: Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers

With Enjoy Flowers, the name kinda says it all. With biweekly delivery, you'll get two different bouquets with 15 to 25 stems every month—for just $37, which is often less than a dozen roses. Procured from Colombian farms, arrangements can include dahlias, carnations, garden roses, and a slew of decorative greenery such as eucalyptus, too.

plant flower subscription services
Photo: Boxed Flowers

Boxed Flowers

Boxed might be the hottest new online mega-retailer since Amazon (and that's saying something). With super-affordable prices, the merch not only spans a wide array of goods, but also now has a plant delivery service akin to Amazon's as well.

flower and plant subscription boxes
Photo: Flower Muse

Flower Muse

If the idea of flowers has you dreaming of styling your own perfect bouquet, vingette, or coffee table, Flower Muse has you covered. Careful to not denote any of their deliveries or subscriptions as arrangements or bouquets (unless specifically ordered as such), Flower Muse utilizes exceptional environmental and social farming practices and offers free shipping, too. Subscriptions vary from seasonal blends to two dozen pink peonies or English garden roses.

flower plant subscription box service
Photo: The Desert Box

The Desert Box

Succulents are here to stay—and not only are they major Insta candy, these low-maintenance plants also have additional benefits. The aloe plant, for instance, is perfect to keep around for its soothing properties. What's more, this subscription gives you a multitude of options when it comes time to order: You can select between one or two succulents per month, choose whether they come in a stylish pot, and pick the frequency—quarterly or monthly—at which you receive your plants. Starting at just six bucks, it's almost too good of a deal to pass up, especially if you're just giving your green thumb a first go.

Now that you've got your greenery sorted out, try these other ways to have a healthier home including Himalayan salt lamps to give spaces an ethereal glow or one of these high-vibe mystical purple decor picks.

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